Delaware Surf Fishing Tag Auction update

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Dave Wilson auctioning off Delaware Surf Fishing tag number 2 held by John Atkins. John is responsible for getting the bill passed to let the parks do the numbered tags again.

The numbered surf tag auction has been going well and the parks have raised a lot of money with these tags.  I had a lot of fun bidding on tag number 2 at the live auction.  I was bidding as a representative for Techno Goober.  Unfortunately my ceiling was $19,500 so I had to stop bidding and the tag went for $20,500.  That was a heated auction and the parks raised a lot of money that afternoon on only 15 tags.  The latest auction started November 30th and the tags up for bid are listed below.  The auction will start to close on December 8th.  if a higher bid is entered then then the auction remains open for 15 minutes until the highest bidder wins.  That could make the auction of that tag last a few extra hours and some have.  Good Luck!

Fish On!!

Rich King

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Next Auction begins NOVEMBER 30 – PLACE YOUR BID
at USGovBid
There is no fee to register for this online auction. Bidding starts at $250.

Tags up for bid at this auction:

  • EIGHT 2-digit tags: #18, #73, #74, #78, #79, #81
  • ONE 2-digit CHOICE tag:
    #31-59 (excludes 33, 35, 40, 44, 47, 50, 53, 55 and 57)
  • FOUR 3-digit CHOICE tags:
    #101-199 (excludes 101, 102, 111, 150)
    #201-299 (excludes #201, 202, 222, 250, 252)
    #301-399 (excludes #302, 312, 315, 333, 350)
    #401-499 (excludes #410, 420, 450)

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