The Point in Cape Henlopen

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The Point changes shape every year, this was shot with a drone from a boat off the shoreline.

The Point in Cape Henlopen State Park is a unique beach to fish.  You have the option of fishing the ocean side or the bayside.  What many do not realize that in front of the point the water is over fifty feet deep and just yards offshore it starts to drop dramatically.  Not a good place to swim but an excellent place to fish.  Depending on the tide or current direction you can see the rips that form off the point.  These are great areas to fish but holding bottom is nearly impossible on some days.  One thing we like to do is long line flies and small plugs off the point and let them flow with the current around the end.  This can only be done on a day when no one is out there or everyone is doing the same thing.  I call it drifting the point.  You cast into the current and let your rig flow with the water around the edge of the front of the point. I use up to a six-ounce sinker knowing that it will never hit bottom.   Your lure or fly will follow the rip and move into that faster water where fish tend to sit waiting to ambush bait fish.


cape henlopen state park, point comfort station, delaware, sussex county, aerial pictures of delaware state parks
Sunrise over Point Comfort Station drive access

On most days you can see birds working the rips feeding on bait fish chased up by bluefish.  That is an excellent time to cast spoons for blues.  The bayside is like fishing Broadkill beach, there are smaller waves, but there is still a strong current the closer you are to the point.  On the bayside there is a section that has a ledge out front that you can get hung up on, but with some effort and bouncing you will come off the ledge with no problem.  This ledge can eat some gear if you are not prepared for it.  The back area of the bayside is close to the flats and you can wade a little and use cast nets to catch minnows and mullet.   This is also a good area to look for flounder close to the surf edge feeding on minnows and sand fleas.  The Point is also a favorite for beachcombers and sightseers.  You can see a lot of activity off the shoreline, pilot boats, the Cape May Lewes Ferry, and all kinds of wildlife activity.

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Unfortunately the point is closed during the summer from march 1st to September 1st.  You can fish off the surf with a boat but it is not easy to stay in one place, that water moves very fast.

Fish On!!

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