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dewey beach after jonas, blizzard of 2016, delaware, sussex county
Dewey Beach this morning … Matt Adams

We made it through a rough storm, the waves are still up but it is nowhere near as bad.  Delaware still has a coastal flood advisory until noon and a gale warning in affect until 10 AM  Cleanup crews are already all over the place.  It is nice to see the sun today.  The flooding was bad last night, but thankfully not as bad as expected, or predicted.  Many people are still displaced from homes and others are trying to get back into neighborhoods.  Please stay out-of-the-way of clean up crews.  Big thanks to everyone that had to work through this storm.  These are the people who keep everything running in a time of chaos.  Route 1 is still closed from Dewey to Fred Hudson road, not sure when that will open.  The beaches took a pounding as you can see in the pictures from Matt Adams.  Dewey beach has six-foot plus dune cliffs.  The western part of the county is still buried in snow some roads are still covered.  Roads around here are icy this morning so be careful out there.


NOAA, delaware, sussex county, tide heights
Tide heights at the Delaware Bay stations

I heard last night the water made it under the boards at Bethany Beach but we have not been able to confirm that.  the water carved the dunes to the edge of the boardwalk.  Rehoboth is about the same, not much dune left but it protected the town.  That is one reason we like to keep our dunes safe, because in times like this they do the same for us.  Inland areas are still flooded and we have one more higher than normal tide to go through.   The tides are still up in the Delaware Bay higher than normal.  High tide today is at 9 Am at the Indian River inlet and the back bays will see that around 11 AM or a little later.  It should subside faster now that the winds have died down more.  We still have a coastal flood advisory until noon.  Winds are clipping up to 15 MPH right now in Rehoboth.  The offshore wave heights are 14.4 feet at buoy 44009.  I know a lot of surfers that want to hit the inlet area this morning.  I’m going out for pictures and coffee.  Stay safe everyone the worst is behind us, now we have to dig out and clean up.  The folks up north are snowed in with some deep drifts in areas.  There is still a level 2 driving advisory up north.  “Governor Markell announced that the “Level 2 Driving Restriction” in New Castle and Kent Counties will continue until 10:00 a.m. Sunday, at which time he will downgrade the restriction to a “Level 1 Driving Warning.”   That will be announced later this morning.  We have one extreme to the other, you are either knee-deep in water or snow.  One thing is for sure beach combing is going to be awesome the next few days and kids are having fun in the snow.

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Rehoboth beach the day after Jonas. 7:15 AM
Rehoboth beach the day after Jonas. 7:15 AM







Dewey Beach the morning after ... Matt Adams
Dewey Beach the morning after … Matt Adams


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