DSF’s Summer Surf Fishing Slam Series 9 Tournament results

Great day for a surf fishing tournament, despite the rough conditions in the surf.

Some areas were calmer than others. The bayside of the point was the nicest, and the ocean surf was nautical. Angry seas, but there were fish to catch. Lot of striped bass in the wash and those little puppy drum. The pompano bite today was off the hook for one angler surf fishing.

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Double hook up Michele Trotter

Many anglers fished but only four made the board. There were bluefish on all the beaches. The most pompano I have seen caught by one angler in a single day in the surf, Michele Trotter was killing it with pompano catching them two at a time. “Short stripers all morning long. Hard to get to scoring fish. Those little rocks are so hungry. Flea heaven in the suds.”
Laura Foerster was killing it with bluefish .. “My lone DS Custom Tackle mullet rig slayed the blues today. One fish, two fish, red fish?…..forget the red fish, it was all about the blue fish today.”

bluefish, yellow eyed devil, sussex county, delaware
Laura Foerster’s bluefish. She did well with blues today.
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I will see everyone tomorrow at Crooked Hammock at 2 PM “ish”. Glad everyone had fun today and braved the heavy surf. Jealous of the amount of pompano Michelle caught she was killing it. Lot of pompano have been caught recently. Going to have to see about Michelle’s secret to doubling down on pompano.

DSF’s Summer Surf Fishing Slam Series 9 winners

Michele Trotter … 85 points of pompano and spot tacos
Laura Foerster … 66 points all in bluefish
Gary Steffen … 33 points mixed bag
Suzanne Martin … 21 points mixed bag

Overall Leader Board
DSF’s Summer Surf Fishing Slam Series

Anglers … points

Michele Trotter … 360 points

Ralph McBride … 202
Laura Foerster .. 139 points
Suzanne Martin … 96 points
​Billy Elborn …. 80 points
Bill Orth …. 72 points

Gary Stefan … 71 points
Jesse Williams … 39 points
Jonathan Martin … 38 points
Scott Jost … 30 points
Seth Cotner … 22 points
Steve Frech … 13 points
J Dillon … 19 points
Sammy Greene … 18 points

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