DNREC Officers Corral A Runaway Boat

Yesterday near Paradise Grill boaters pulling a tube were tossed from their boat, which was then out of control, under power, and moving in circles. DNREC enforcement was able to circle the out of control driver-less boat and stop her. Runaway boats on the water this time of year are very dangerous.

Luckily this boat was moving in a circle. The DNREC enforcement boat and officers matched the circle, like an orbiting satellite, pulling alongside her, grabbed the boat and stopped her. Granted that wasn’t some guy jumping on a submarine at sea, but that was some pretty work. They make it look easy, because it isn’t their first rodeo.

DNREC Enforcement sets their boat up to follow the circling boat

Kill switches should always be engaged with a lanyard (tether), I don’t know if that were the case here, but always use the kill switch. If the driver is tossed form the boat the lanyard will yank the switch and kill the engine. Seems the only time I see the kill switch used is when someone can’t start the boat and realizes it was engaged.

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Great job by DNREC enforcement yesterday. You don’t always see what these folks have to deal with on a daily basis. DNREC officers have tough jobs as seen in the video and then some. When they deal with hunters in and out of season, those people are armed, it is a stressful job keeping the waterways and lands safe. Boat safe and smart so you don’t add to that list.

Always keep an eye on boats moving around you, especially when you are hanging on the sandbars. A Boat out of control can go anywhere, luckily this one was just circling. Kill switch always engaged and tethered. Also it was lucky DNREC enforcement was out there to get on scene as fast as possible. THAT is why they are out and about on the weekends in the popular areas.

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