Delaware Heat Index Topped Out at 120 Degrees Today In Some Places

Satan’s kitchen was on fire today! I mean it was hot, like nuclear, the cat is on fire hot! I dumped 400 gallons of cool water into the pool just to drop it five degrees, I can still steam clams in the pool! Bring butter, invites open.

It was brutal today and there were a lot of events going on, a few canceled due to the extreme temperatures. Honestly if you didn’t have to go outside it was best not to do so, nor was it healthy. This weather is no joke! If you can’t handle it take the day off. It is like a snow day, just a massive amount of heat.

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Tomorrow will be more of the same, stay safe and stay hydrated. We will see it cool off mid-week according to the Foote’s forecast crews. That didn’t stop anglers for the Bay Flounder tournament, but they were hating the temperatures.

Fish On!
Rich King

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