MERR Puts Out Bottenose Dolphin BOLO … Tangled In Buoy

MERR is looking for pictures of a Bottlenose dolphin last seen headed towards the outer wall area tangled in a (possible) crab pot buoy.

MERR is asking any boaters in the area that sees it, they would appreciate a picture, and video I am sure. I doubt you would be able to untangle the dolphin, so please don’t try. Chasing it will also stress it out more, this is a more of a, if you happen to see this dolphin alert. Beach goers be on the look out for a dolphin near the surf tangled in a crab pot buoy. It may beach itself once it gets too distressed.

MERR post on Facebook ..Sorry for poor image, but there is a bottlenose dolphin, just spotted at the mouth of the Delaware Bay, heading toward the outer Breakwater, which looks to have a crap pot buoy wrapped around it and is just below his dorsal. Is anyone out boating spots or can capture better images for us, it would be appreciated. It is no doubt restricting its ability, and it looks to be a sub-adult. Thanks in advance for any assistance.Additionally, we are booked for our dolphin count tomorrow, so thank you for all who are volunteering to help!

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Possible dolphin tangled in crab pot buoy .. picture form MERR Facebook page

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