Delaware State Parks Says No To Eating Dogs


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Dogs are not allowed to eat in state parks, or to be eaten?

Signs are always placed for a reason, like the ones in the state park bathhouses that says do not wash dishes in sinks.  I mean who does that, “Hey honey get the kids and the dishes, we are going to the park.  Don’t forget the detergent and sunscreen”   So I figured someone had to do something monumental to warrant the no eating dogs sign.

We have been asking for some feed back from the parks, but the holiday weekend made that difficult.   We can only guess that someone’s pet dog was the main course of a picnic at the beach, or fido got out of control eating at the concession stand and is now required to use a knife and fork..

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Apparently it is just the ankle biters that are the issue.  Maybe they taste good or are food stealing terrorists.  Either way according to the sign we can’t use a knife and fork, or maybe that is the only way you can eat fido.  It is also possible that fido is required to use a knife and fork.

Keep your dogs on a leash is our best advice.  Unattended dogs could be served up if no one pays attention to this sign.

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