Tracking The Lewes Cougar

(Apr 1 2019) … Not long ago on a Lewes social media page someone posted they saw the Lewes cougar down town.  Something that as of late has become legend.  We have been looking for the Lewes cougar on our trips to the beach, and  we have yet to find any evidence.  Until now.

A couple of weeks ago we found some large prints coming out of the great dune area.  They were massive and our park guide with us said “that must be that there Lewes cougar”.  We do know they like to feed on the sand elk, but those are a rare find these days, meals have switched to unsuspecting young men.

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Lewes cougar’s sand trap used to capture victims.
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This week not only did we see more tracks but we found some of the cougar traps dug into the sand.  From what we could ascertain, the Lewes cougar got a victim caught in the trap.  There are random holes dug along the surf line that will trap an unsuspecting beach walker.  Then they pounce as their victim is stuck in the hole trap.  All we found from the one victim near a trap was a pair of shredded Hanes boxers.  There were signs of a struggle on the beach, but nothing else was left behind.

If you see one of these holes in the surf line check your six and back away slowly.  Some of these are their lairs and not traps at all.  Younger woman may be at risk as well since eligible bachelors with their stuff together are a rare commodity this time of year.  We will be out looking for this cougar until we capture it, or have to take one for the team.

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