Smooth Butterfly ray (Gymnura micrura)

Smooth Butterfly ray (Gymnura micrura)

butterfly ray
Smooth butterfly ray (Gymnura micrura )

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The smooth butterfly ray is called this due to the smooth tail that has no spikes or spines present.  A broad diamond shaped body which is much wider than it is long.  The pectoral fins resemble large wings and it has pointed head.  They are mustard yellow to brown in coloration with an off white belly.   They will hit cut baits, clam, squid, and bloodworms in the surf.  They can be just as hard to reel in as cownose rays since they can lock into the sand, and get much larger.   They prefer shallow water such as estuaries and the surf zones.

Delaware Creel Limit …  None  


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Photo by James Blackstock … Here’s a pic of the giant butterfly ray that was caught by this nice guy fishing next to us today. I’ve never seen one this big before, of course my girls took advantage of the photo opportunity.



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