Pompano ( Trachinotus carolinus)

Pompano ( Trachinotus carolinus)

Pompano, florida pompano

Also known as … Florida pompano,

Description …

Pompanos are in the Jack family.  They have a broad, round, flattened body and a small underslung mouth.   The tail is a deep fork and small pectoral fins.  There are greenish gray in color with hints of yellow along the back fading to silvery sides and a silvery yellow belly.  They travel in schools.  Normally these gulf coast tropical fish show up in Delaware in the late summer about mid august.  

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When the waters warm up faster they have been known to show up earlier.  They have even been caught in the inland bays at Masseys landing as early as June. They can be caught on top and bottom rigs with bloodworms, fishbites, clam, crab, and/or small pieces of squid.  They are a good fish to eat but the sizes we see are mostly good for bait if anything.  They are fond mostly in the surf in Delaware late in the summer.  They are very easy to recognize.

Delaware Creel Limit …  None

Eating Pompano 




pompano, delaware, sussex county
Joe Blasetto landed and release this 12 inch pompano on the beach at 3Rs Road Thursday … photo from Old Inlet Bait and Tackle









Scott Hartzell Jr. of Easton as the first official state record holder for a Florida pompano. Hartzell caught the 3.375-pound fish on Stone Rock near Tilghman Island. photo MD DNR




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