Delabear Returns And This Time In Sussex County

We aren’t sure but this could be Delabear in Cape Henlopen State Park.

Delabear made its debut when it was running form police, rangers and wildlife officers for a entire day a few months ago. Eventually it ran into the woods and disappeared, never to be seen again. Everyone has been wondering if Delabear will show up again and where.

This morning Delabear was spotted at Cape Henlopen state park running between the fire control towers at Gordons Pond Beach. With the lack of human activity around the area we figure it felt safe and made its way down to Sussex County. Possibly it was running away from the Lewes cougar. We all know how aggressive they can get when locked down for so long.

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delabear, cape henlopen state park, gordons pond, fire watch towers, ghost towers
Delabear at the fire control towers in Cape Henlopen State Park at Gordons Pond beach

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