Delaware Surf Fishing Facts For the New Restrictions

Delaware State Parks has a web page that answers questions being asked about the new surf fishing restrictions.

Everyone is wondering if they can get a surf tag, why can’t my kids come with me, do we really all have to fish? There has been a myriad of questions.
This new page on Delaware State Parks website will help answer some of those questions. The popular questions are linked below.

Dylan Patrick emailed parks about getting a surf tag while offices are closed.
” I just got the response from DNREC about surf permits. I hope this helps those who didn’t get one yet. Better save one for me though.
Surf permits are still be fulfilled remotely with no backlog currently. I believe our website says to expect two weeks for delivery but they are going out the next day via mail. If this is your first purchase of a permit make sure to request a plate when you buy your permit and check out our new online video on surf fishing. We reviewed other options about letting people fish and just show a receipt but are trying to keep our enforcement officers at a safe social distance whenever possible. Doing so would have lead to many unnecessary potential contacts. So unfortunately with the nature of COVID-19 we decided to have new purchasers wait until the plate and permit arrives before they can fish.”

How do I transfer my Surf-Fishing Permit to a new vehicle while park offices are closed?
Vehicle transfers can be completed when state park offices reopen. In the interim, retain a copy of your bill of sale inside the new vehicle while actively engaged in surf fishing on Delaware beaches.
What surf-fishing restrictions does the governor’s March 31 order include?
What surf-fishing vehicle crossings are open?
When will I receive my Surf-Fishing Permit?
I do not have a surf-fishing license plate. Do I need one? Will one be included with my permit purchase?
I already have a front license plate. How do I display the Surf-Fishing License Plate?
Do I need to purchase a regular Delaware fishing license?
How do I transfer my Surf-Fishing Permit to a new vehicle while park offices are closed?
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I am a Firefighter/EMT and want to submit my Surf-Fishing Permit Application, but park offices are closed. How do I get my permit?
What is allowed while surf-fishing under the current restrictions?
More than two people in my household would like to surf fish together. Why is surf-fishing limited to two people from the same household per vehicle?
Why can’t people walk onto the surf-fishing beaches to fish?
The Centers for Disease recommend at least six feet of distance between people of different households. Why are vehicles on the beach for surf-fishing purposes required to maintain 20 yards of distance from other vehicles?
Where do I report suspected violations of the current restrictions?
How do I know if out-of-state visitors who are surf fishing have met the new 14-day quarantine rule?
How will these restrictions be enforced?
Why are people allowed to surf-fish in Delaware during a stay-at-home order?
The Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control offers a few tips for enjoying the outdoors safely during the coronavirus (COVID-19) period:

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