Cape Henlopen State Park Fishing pier and fresh bunker at Rick’s Bait & Tackle

cape henlopen fishing pier, pier fishing, night fishing the pier
Cape Henlopen State Park Fishing Pier in the early evening

I dropped by the Cape Henlopen fishing pier today.  Which has been producing all kinds of fish lately.  I heard one young man complaining all of the flounder they caught were undersized.  He did hit a large bluefish, but was more concerned with the small flounder.  I was happy they were catching fish.  There is always a very diverse crowd at the pier, you can meet some very interesting people.  Just walking out halfway to take some video, I heard 7 different languages.  It certainly represents the demographic diversity of our summer population.  The maintenance crews were out there working on the boards, they have been replacing some sections of the planks.  There are croaker, spot, trout, and kingfish around the piers too.  Tara McGarry  … “First flounder my son ever caught, first fish actually. Pier at Henlopen. After that his sis went to set his bait again and he held her rod and pulled another flounder. First on 12 in second one 17 in back to the water they went. Love the site, and all the fishing inspiration we get here!!”  Thank you Tara, most appreciated, and good to see the kids helping each other out, what it is all about. I have heard a report from more than one person that ballywhoo have been netted off the pier.  I would love a picture if anyone is doing this, no one heard of it today.  People were having decent luck catching crabs with string lines and rings.  There were kayakers, and paddle boarders everywhere.  The beaches around the pier were full of sunbathers and beachgoers.  I headed back out of the park and worked my way to Lewes.  The Delaware tall ship Kalmar Nyckel is still at the Lewes Ferry terminal.

cape henlopen, flounder, fishing pier, henlopen pier, pier fishing
Tara McGarry’s son caught his first flounder at the Cape Henlopen State Park fishing pier

The Lewes walk on beach was alive with people.  The Lewes ferry was underway towards Cape May.  Roosevelt inlet was busy today, lot of people fishing the wall inside and outside.  The beaches were moderately busy.  It was a beautiful day today.  I didn’t see anyone catching anything, but they all looked content to just fish.  The tide was incoming when I left.  I checked out the Lewes canal on the way out in my favorite spot.  There were several boats drifting the canal hitting flounder.  The tide was up higher than normal last night, and will probably do the same this evening.  The boys have been tearing up bluefish at the inlet.  Top lures are working well, and spoons.  I will have to get over there soon.  I plan on surf fishing 3R’s this weekend, and doing a few video projects in the water.  May be hitting the bays, and out front this weekend, in a boat with a buddy.  I am sure you will know, right after I, what happened.

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Fish On!!

Rich King

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