Crab Larvae Season At The Beach

People are complaining so much about sea lice on local Facebook pages a friend of mine turned it into a drinking game.  “whenever you see sea lice posted on the pages you have to drink.”   Steve Dennis

Unfortunately for the sea lice posters it is actually crab larvae which can be just as annoying.  Almost annoying as the multiple posts every hour about the same problem.  It is always best to take a shower and use soap right after you leave the beach, especially if you were in the water.  The blue crab larvae are annoying but not harmful.

NOAA, crab larvae, beach lice, beach chiggers
Crab Larvae .. photo from NOAA
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Crab larvae are called megalops,  and are the final larval stage.  They are about a millimeter wide and have claws, that is what causes the itching or irritation.  These are also not the infamous beach chiggers of Cape Henlopen from last year (2017).

Fish On!

Rich King

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