Congratulations to the Raffle for the Bay winners

Jen from the Center of the Inland Bays just picked our winners and they are  …

Congratulations! ….. Congratulations Dave Baker you are the first place winner of our Raffle for the Bays … we will contact you shortly …

Charlie Boehm won second Place ….

Rich Pilkington won Third place

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…. 4h through tenth place … John Barry, Rich Pilkington, Stacy Yaylor, Rita Gajewski, Wayne Plougher, Rick Catts, Kelly Bowden …. CONGRATULATIONS to you all and thanks for participating ….

We raised $500.00 for the Center of the Inland Bays ….

Fish On!!

Rich King

  1. Richard Pilkington says

    I hope I am not being a pain as I know how busy you are! Will you be calling all the winners? If not is there another way for me to contact you to set up a time to retrive my goodies? Here is my email address should you rather use that method!


    1. Rich King says

      I will call you this afternoon, been a tad busy, and congrats!!

      1. Richard Pilkington says

        Thank you sir! Forgive my excitement!

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