2012 Delaware Coastal Cleanup weekend please come out and help

citation flounder, summer flounder, bill's sport shop
Dave Ammon of Lehighton Pa caught this citation flounder 30 inch 9.6 lb at the VFW Slough on white Gulp! on 9-14-12 photo courtesy of Bill’s Sport Shop

Tomorrow is the 2012 Delaware Coastal cleanup, I know everyone is coming to fish, but would you please take some time on Saturday to help.  ” Preregistration for the 2012 Delaware Coastal Cleanup ended on Sept. 4. Volunteers are still welcome to join the cleanup, but should be aware that t-shirts will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis to volunteers who have not preregistered.”  Hit the link above for information on locations, there are many places that are never thought about until this clean up is announced.  Most of Delaware Seashore State Park is full for volunteers.  I will be at Beach Plum and Broadkill (I hear the store here has killer home made donuts), Holt’s Landing could use some volunteers, as well as Boat Hole at Love Creek on 24.  Please check the list, come out and help.  Our beaches and coast lines are covered with debris in some areas from storms, and careless litterbugs.  Helping for one day, can make a huge difference, and is a great way for kids to learn to respect the environment.  I hope to see some of you out there.  It is Bike Week in Ocean City, MD this week. please watch out for our friends on 2 wheels, occasionally 3.  I know the 3R’s beach crew will be in OC this week.

mullet, cob mullet, canary creek, lewes, de
Jason has been collecting mullet for the winter and early spring fishing. Those are gallon freezer bags by the way, the mullet are big.

The catching has been rather hot depending on where, and when, it is fishing.  Mike was fishing Massey’s Landing the other day … “Great day fishing today. Beautiful out, and the fresh air and sunshine just makes my soul soar, and my heart smile. Catching a bunch of Tog didn’t hurt either. Most were 12 to 14 inchers, but I caught one whopper at 15 inches. Was a brute, very fat, and bent the rod almost in half. He is a keeper, size limit is 15 inches to keep, but tog season is closed from Sept 1st till Sept 29th. So I am sharpening my Tog catching skills. Fished from 8 AM till 3 PM and could of stayed all night. Made us a nice steak on the grill with baked potato and broccoli and cauliflower. Yum, now I am ready for some football. What a great time of year. Oh yeah”    Thanks Mike, good to see you boys are still doing well at Massey’s Landing.  I know sheepshead are still popping up as well.  Spot, croaker, flounder, trout, and blues are also around Massey’s and in the Indian River, Rehoboth, and Little Assawoman bays.

blue crabs, hard crabs, blue claw crabs, steamed crabs, steamers, soft shell crabs
Blue Crabs are still thick this year in the Indian River, Rehoboth, and Assawoman Bays
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John and Clayton have been hammering blue fish at the Indian River Inlet all week long.  I would imagine the rail this weekend will look like last.  Stacked, and packed in one corner trying to fish the light, spread out boys.  Those fish under those lights came from somewhere, they didn’t just appear.  I am waiting for the stripers to go past me, on their way to you boys.  I saw a picture of the shark at the point last weekend, and it is in fact a thresher.  I do not know which one, I could only see the tell tale tail.  The shark was actually foul hooked by someone, not surf fishing for anything, as far as we have been told.  Suzanne said she saw a shark jump out of the water, and then this guy’s reel starts screaming.  The problem with most threshers is they tend to get hooked in the tail area, because they “tail slap” their prey.  This causes them to be foul hooked, and dragged in, which usually will kill them.  We do not know what became of the shark, and anyone with details please fell free to contact DSF.   It was pointed out to the gentlemen with the shark, he should release it since he didn’t know what species he had snagged.  This goes for anyone, if you can not ID the shark, let it go, you could be in trouble with a protected species.  I have seen several pictures this week with people posing with sharks.  That picture is a 250$ fine (roughly), and heavier fines are going to be discussed at the next meetings in Dover.  I plan on being there for these, I think some of the fines are ridiculously small compared to the crime.  Please be careful with sharks when you catch them.  If you see someone catching one, and about to do it wrong, help them out.  If they do not want your advice, let a ranger explain it to them and their wallet.  Do not pose for pictures, if you want a picture have someone take one while you are releasing the shark.  The pictures we have, are Sand Tiger and Sandbar sharks that were caught with permits.  Otherwise what we did is very illegal, and should not be duplicated.

mullet, bait fish, ricks bait and tackle, cob mullet, fresh mullet
Fresh mullet just arriving at Rick’s bait and Tackle, Long Neck DE

Rick’s Bait and Tackle has fresh mullet, just arrived today, still moving in the coolers, Fresh!  Don’t forget our sponsors striped bass tournaments coming up in October.  They are listed on our special events page.   Ricks’ Bait & Tackle with Pot Nets Seaside has one this year.  Bill’s Sport Shop and Irish Eyes of Lewes will have their annual tournament.  We will keep you updated on everything going on at these events.  The food alone at Irish Eyes will cover the cost of the tournament, that is a no brainer.  Yes, I am going for the food, DSF will not participate in sponsor tournaments, but we will report on them, and eat.  I feel it is a conflict of interest for myself to participate, the same went for the raffle.  That is not to say my crew can’t, because I know many of them are going to sign up for both tournaments, AHEM! right?  I hope to see some of you out helping clean the beaches tomorrow, it would mean a great deal to me personally, if everyone would take a vested interest in the beaches we fish, on a daily basis, not just once or twice a year.  I know many people that walk the beaches when they arrive, just to pick up trash, they can not stand the litter on our coast line.  Carry in and carry out.  Batten down the hatches during a storm, that piece of plastic flying across the yard is destined for the ocean.  Always keep in mind that everything washes into the sea, eventually.

Fish On!!

Rich King

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