Raffle for the bays will be drawn this evening. Cape Henlopen fishing pier demolition is underway

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Cape Henlopen fishing pier “Tee” being removed before it falls into the sea and causes serious damage.

Raffle drawing is tonight, 6 p.m. at Old Bay Restaurant on 18693  Highway 1.  We are just going to hang out,  pull tickets, award prizes, present the Center with the money we raised, and enjoy a few appetizers. You do not need to be present to win, but come out and chillax anyway. I will be there early to set up the prizes. Thanks for participating! See you out there.

No, they are not tearing down the entire pier, just the old “Tee” area that has deteriorated over the years.  The pylons will remain for a fish habitat.  It appears the work is coming along nicely, when they are done we will have a large area to fish that is much safer.  Speaking of the pier … quick report … spot were thick at Henlopen pier yesterday, bait size to edible.  A lot of people were spread out at the farthest end of the pier( close to 50).  I was there in the early afternoon, the tide was incoming , and had just started.   The pier demolition appears to be going well.  The Indian River Inlet is still very hot for blue fish, word is a 35 incher was hit the other night.  The surf produced blues reds, and pompano yesterday, all over the place.  The baits working the best; fishbites blood worm alternative, real blood worms, squid, and fresh mullet.  Try peeler or softshell crab for serious action, and check all of our bait shop sponsors for fresh mullet, bunker, sand fleas etc.  I am receiving emails all asking the same thing … “I am coming down this weekend where should I go?”  I would fish where you are the most comfortable.  Especially if you are only here for 2 days, I know we all want to catch, but that is not always the case.  If you use the right baits, and hit the tide, you will catch all kinds of fish.  The hard part is predicting when, and where.  If I told all of you to go to Henlopen, and fish this beach, or DSSP and fish that beach, it would be very crowded, in one spot.  Find a nice spot you are comfortable with and fish, catching will come with some work and patience.

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Sparkie’s Seafood Shanty in Long Neck, DE now has a website.  Keep up with them there, or on their Facebook page for specials.  DSF has a special of our own, coming up for you very soon.

Fish On!!

Rich King

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  1. surfishin says

    Hey Rich,
    Forgot to tell you, I also saw a couple of reds caught in the rocks, at the eddy on the point, between the handicap pier and the bridge. I was actually stopped while passing these two gentlemen to I.D. the fish for them. I actually had a red drum on the back of my shirt from a tackle shop on Core Sound, N.C. Not sure of the exact bait, but I do know that they were toggin’. Some sort of crab or clam I presume. The guy on the pier was using clam. (There were smashed up shells on the table) I had only seen the tail at first, and as you know, there is almost no question after you see the spot. The fish were 13″ and 14″. Have fun at the drawing tonight!


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