Cleaning A Penn 722 Greenie Fishing Reel

I asked Bill McGee to take apart and service my grandfather’s Penn 722 “greenie” reel that I want to fish.

This was my grandfather’s reel. Light reel penn made for less money then the 714 and 716 greenie.

Bill said cleaning it and preserving this reel would be easy. If I wanted to fish it, he would have to replace some parts. I told him to replace whatever needed to be done. I plan on using this for freshwater fishing on a ultralight rod. I want to catch one fish again on my grandfather’s old Penn 722 greenie.

Remove the spool and line

That line has been on that reel for as long as I can remember. The rod was stored hung on a wall. I have a great spot to hang it back up and use it again. The question will be what kind of line will I put on this Penn 722.

Proper drag stack. Switched Teflon washers with ht100 washers

Bill replaced a few washers on the Penn 722 “greenie“. I can’t fish it if we don’t have proper drag and strength.

Remove handle and plate. The white part inside is the only plastic part in the reel. It is the number one thing that breaks and keeps the reel from correct line lay. It’s called the crosswind. You can see the staple looking wire in the center of the crosswind.

I might get the rod reworked that came with the reel. This rod and reel lived on my grandfather’s wall in the wood shop for as long as I could remember. Once in a great while we would be allowed to use this setup, it was his favorite.

There is a small u shaped wire holding the crosswind in. Small plyers or screwdriver will remove it.

For its age and the fact this was one of the cheaper Penn reels. It is in really great shape.

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This little spring ring needs to be removed so you can pull the bearing and pinion.
Pull out the main gear

As old as it is the insides look really good. The plastic parts will be replaced.

This is the anti reverse for the reel. Pay attention to how it’s installed. Has to go back same way

Small wire brush and flitz to clean the parts and inside the reel casing.
.. Bill McGee

Now that you have it all apart yo can clean the parts with Flitz. Then wash the parts off with vinegar, or soap and water.

Since Rich wants to fish with the reel I installed a aluminum crosswind that a friend machined. You can find it at mystic they were the old Scott bait and tackle in Jersey. Same place new name .. Bill Mcgee

Once you have the reel reassembled. Grease all of the components. You don’t need to pack it full of grease. Just do a light service in the winter after the season. Many people back in the day would pack reels with grease. it isn’t necessary. Unless you are planning on dunking it in saltwater a lot. You can see in the above picture that the crosswind is greased.

All reassembled and ready to fish just add your line of choice .. Bill McGee

Big thanks to Bill McGee for fixing up this old Penn 722. Now I can fish with it instead of looking at it on the wall. I have a great spot for it in the man cave with all the gear.

Fish On!
Rich King

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