When Carry In – Carry Out Goes Next Level


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Northside Bathroom full of trash … photo from Thomas Mack

 If you are going to take cleaning the beaches to the next level, you need a dumpster.  We have asked parks for trash services in some areas, but this is next level.  There is a lot of trash and debris from the recent storms, so this could be very helpful.  We could also use these in key places in the parks to help alleviate the trash from vendors and visitors.  Trash service is not provided by nor required to be provided by vendors or concessions.  Big Chill beach club does take care of their own trash and have their own dumpsters, so does Lighthouse View Bait and Tackle.  The rest of the vendors or concessions do not, people have to take that trash with them.   


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Gull tearing up a trash bag at IRI this will be all over the place in no time

We could definitely use these dumpsters for all the dog walkers that hang their fur baby’s poo on the dune fences.  We pick a lot of those bags up at beach cleanups.  Even ones left on the beach, the owner was planning on taking with them and forgot (oooops).  We could use a trash service in key areas of state parks, as well as visitors that know how to use them.  The bathrooms at the inlets and beaches get piled with trash every weekend in the summer.  Fishermen hang bags on the rail at the inlet thinking someone will get it for them.        

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Trash bags tied to the rail at Indian River Inlet
Trash bags tied to the rail at Indian River Inlet

As for the dumpster truck, actually this poor fellah made a wrong turn and they (rangers) got him out just fine.  No need to wear on him, we don’t know the story, but it would be nice to have a dumpster like that in each parking lot.  Maybe his GPS recalculated for the inlet.

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