BOLO For MERR Looking For Washed Up Marine Mammals

MERR is keeping an eye and ear out for notifications of stranded turtles and other marine mammals after Hurricane Dorian passes.

The winds of Hurricane Dorian pushed a lot of water towards Delaware. With that comes marine life, not just fish but everything, live and dead. Storms tend to push all kinds of dead sea life onto our beaches.

MERR is keeping a count of everything that Hurricane DOrian puhes onto our coastline. So far they are up to five turtles. They will check each stranding, take measurements, and bury the turtle. The same process happens for every marine creature they process.

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Sea turtle washed up on South Bowers beach, MERR was notified yesterday

If you need to contact MERR, text strandings and sightings to 302 228 5029. The number on their Facebook page is wrong and being corrected. Text just the information they need; location of the turtle and as many details as possible. Pictures are good but keep them to a minimum. The size of the marine mammal doesn’t matter, MERR likes to know about all they can document. No fish please, just marine mammals.

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