Indian River Coast Guard Gets The Catch Of The Weekend

The Indian River Coast Guard Station Removes huge Mylar Balloon From The Ocean

Over the weekend the Coast Guard Indian River Station was on patrol. They spotted a lot of trash and this huge mylar balloon off the coast. They quickly removed the trash and balloon from our waters.

Balloon releases in the State Of Delaware should be illegal. We live on the coast. Most of the balloons wind up in our waters. We average at least twenty balloons every Tuesday at the Beach Clean Ups. When you release a balloon you are littering, plain and simple. One clean up on Mother’s Day we found over forty balloons.

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Mother’s day balloon found on Mother’s day. Nothing says let’s celebrate mother earth by smothering her life better than a mylar balloon.

I live inland about twelve miles from the coast, and I find mylar balloons in the woods behind my house. These woods have no public access from roads. It is in the middle of nowhere or as close as you can get in the small state of Delaware. Please do not release your balloons. Marine life will mistake them for food and ingest them, which usually kills the animal. Balloons released for memorials to loved ones can be replaced with plenty of things that will not harm our environment. Plant a tree for them.

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