Blue Crabs Are Filling Pots


blue crabs, delaware, sussex county, inland bays, tidal creeks
Jeff Purdy and family hauled in a nice load of crabs the other day.

The inland bay temperatures are reaching close to sixty degrees and dropping to as low as fifty-four degrees at high tide.   The fishing has been good the flounder are in and the short striped bass are all over the place.  The shallower waters have seen the best action since the water is a bit warmer.  All of the inland bays are producing fish.  Now we have blue crabs seriously active on the feed, filling pots and the trot liners are doing well.   The crabs look decent as far as size and the amount of meat they are filled with.  I like to wait a few molts before I get into crabbing to let them clean out a little from the winter mud bath and to see a little bigger size.  Most people can’t wait and I honestly don’t blame them.  Good luck pulling pots, hand lining and running trot lines or rings.


steamed crabs, delaware, sussex county, blue crabs, old bay, mustard
Wayne Rickrode Jr. steamed up these beauties a few days ago
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You can steam blue crabs whole or clean them, that all depends on your preference.  I prefer to clean them for several reasons.  The main one being when I cook them I can flavor the crab any way I want.  Steaming or pan searing them in white wine and garlic is a favorite of mine.  I do love the traditional Old Bay steam, and when they are cleaned, the spice really gets into the meat.  I am not a fan of the mustard, I am a chemistry and biology major, I know what is in that mustard.

Fish On!

Rich King

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