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Mike Baseshore with a ice short striped bass form the surf yesterday

We are now into some serious spring fishing action and it has really heated up since a few days ago. For a couple of weeks we have been slamming the short striped bass in the surf, back bays, the bridges around ocean city and the Oceanic Pier.  We took Outdoors Delmarva fishing yesterday in the surf and the action was on fire.  Lots of little “rats” up to twenty-two inches and the action was a fish almost every cast.  We had a great time and hope half the trash we were talking doesn’t wind up on TV, I know half of that half isn’t appropriate for TV.  When the crew gets together the trash talk gets heavy, we like to have fun!  White has been the best color for the striped bass action but they are hitting other colors, such as nuclear or electric chicken which is pink and chartreuse.  I highly recommend the Lead Pot’s new jigs with the paddle tail soft plastics.  We were crushing it on those almost every cast.  Nothing like watching four people hook up at the same time.  Until Chuck set up the camera and the fish shut off for a half an hour, hate it when that happens.


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Rob from Aberdeen with a 33 inch blue at the Oceanic Pier

Bluefish have arrived!  We have seen some small blues caught here and there and lost a lot of soft plastic tails to them.  Last night at the Oceanic Pier a couple bigger blues in the thirty-three inch range were caught.  I talked to John Thompson earlier this morning … “Those big blues came in last night and some of the boys hooked up. Blowfish where going by the pier both tides loads of them ….. Day times been slow but skate, shark (dog fish) and a mess of horseshoe crab , small rock , sea bass and a couple tautog. Nights been hot hundreds of schoolies with a keeper now and then , shad started biting last night … speck rigs gotchas , jig heads with Jurk shads , spoons, and flash foils whites been the best color,and buck tails with gulp.  Squid, cut baits, Minnows.  Fresh bunker too we have at Fenwick and the pier.”   Sounds like the pier is loaded for bear on baits and gear, this is one of my favorite piers to fish, the action is always good, on most days.


blowfish, blowtoad, northern puffer, bloodworms, diamond state custom tackle rigs, delaware, sussex county, beaches in delaware
Blowfish or northern puffers caught by Henry Busby in the surf

Well you heard John, blowfish, or northern puffers are around the Oceanic pier and in the back bays of Ocean City.  Yesterday while we were crushing short striped bass in the surf at 3R’s.  I ran into Henry Busby and he said he landed several large northern puffer fish near Bethany beach.  Further south from us on 3R’s,  guys caught a few puffers as well.  Bloodworms are the bait of choice on top and bottom rigs.  Use the Diamond State custom Tackle top and bottom rigs, those owner hooks can stand up to the sharp teeth of those puffers.  Pink has been a good color for float choice for the puffers.  These fish are also called blow toads, and chicken of the sea.  When you clean them you leave the tails on and you can hold the fish like a drumstick.


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Mike Hartnett with a black drum from Broadkill Beach.

Black drum action has picked up on Broadkill beach and Beach Plum Island State park.  Clam has been the choice bait, but sand fleas and shrimp will also work.  The Incoming tide has seen the best action.  I have seen a couple of fifty pound fish pictures.  If you are going to catch and release these behemoths it is best to leave them in the water or near the water.  The bigger the fish the harder it is on them to be out of the water for any period of time and handling them is tricky due to the weight of the fish.   The northern beaches as far up as Slaughter beach and Prime Hook beach will start seeing this action soon enough if not already.


white perch, woodlaand pier, delaware, kent county, bloodworms, delaware bay
Miss Camryn fishing with her dad Dave Eastburn hooked up a nice white perch

The northern Delaware Bay beaches have some seriously fat white perch around.   The woodland pier has some decent action with short striped bass.  Augustine beach has been hot for both of these species as well as catfish.  Depending on your preference you can go just about anywhere right now and catch.  Bloodworms have been the hot bait, but small pieces of cut bait or squid will produce.  I hope everyone has a great holiday weekend.  We are going to be out ad about all weekend fishing somewhere for something.

Tautog action is great for the charter and head boats.  Many are limiting out fishing ocean or bay structure.

Fish On!

Rich King


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