Bennets Pier Beach

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Bennets pier looking at Brockham Bridge gut with South Bowers beach to the north

Bennets Pier is the name of the road that ends in the Delaware Bay at Bennett’ Pier beach.  You can access the road from Thompsonville road or Milford Neck road off of route 1, outside of Milford, Delaware. There is nothing at Bennets pier except the end of the road, that literally ends where the sand begins.  No town, boardwalk, or even a pier.  Just a small Delaware bay beach located south of South Bowers beach.  Driving onto the beach is difficult due to the loose sand and the fact it is a bay beach.  Brockham Bridge gut cuts the beach off to the north.  Fishing here is like any other Delaware bay beach.  Striped bass will school up along the shoreline during the annual spring and fall runs.  Croaker, flounder, weakfish, sharks, dogfish, skates, spot, white perch, and puffers can all be caught from this area.  Fishing these low water bay beaches is best on the last two hours of incoming tide to the first hour or so of the outgoing tide.  Then the water gets pretty skinny to fish.  The bottom is covered partially with mussel beds, mud and sand beds, and you should wear shoes if you are going to wade due to broken glass and shells.    Kayakers and SUP enthusiasts can launch here and explore the shoreline, just be careful of the currents around some of the guts and tidal rivers.  Do not go into the guts and tidal creeks unless you know the area or have a map.  You can get lost real fast in the crisscrossing water ways in the marshes.


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The end of the road at Bennett’s Pier Beach

Like any of the secluded Delaware Bay beaches you are out there with no one around, even cell signals can be bad at times.  Make sure you respect the area and surroundings.  Carry in and carry out any trash you bring or even take some extra trash out with you.  Also make sure you know how to drive on a loose sand beach and have all of the gear you would need to get yourself out if you are stuck.  Again you are in the middle of no where, help is rather far away.  There aren’t any rangers to come get you, if you have an emergency call 911.  

Birders and photographers like to come here for the seclusion.  This is a great place to see birds, and take panoramic photographs.  You can watch the big cargo ships move up and down the Delaware bay.  Finding sea glass and treasures like that is possible, especially after storms.  The roads into these bay beaches tend to flood during nor’easters and heavy storms.  Be careful some times the shoulders can wash out or be very soft, be careful parking and turning around.  The worst part of this area like any of these bay beaches is the marshes, they are a huge source of annoying black biting flies, green heads, gnats or noseeums, and mosquitoes.  It can be down right miserable there on a hot summer night.  You don’t want to be anywhere near there on a west wind day in the summer. 

bennett's beach road, delaware, sussex county, kent county, delaware bay beach, milford,
Bennets Beach road ends in the sand. Parking on the road is a good idea due to the loose sand
brockham bridge gut, bennets pier, delaware, milford, kent county, sussex county,
Bennett’s Pier Beach looking north toward South Bowers Beach and Brockham Bridge gut
Bennets Pier beach south, delaware, kent county, delaware bay, milford, surf fishing, bennets pier beach,
Bennet’s Pier beach looking south




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