Wicked Weekend Weather You Should Surf Fish

Memorial Day Weekend will be a treat for diehard surf anglers.

We have crappy weather incoming. Granted it changes every fifteen minutes in Delaware, but we are definitely headed into a nautical weekend. A holiday crowded nautical weather weekend, and you should go surf fishing. Mainly because that easterly blow and cool temperatures will keep many people off the beach. Drinking is no fun in crap weather. Rip currents will be prominent after Friday.
The sky juice will rain supreme, and the gardens will drink. My buddy’s child calls rain, sky juice, and I am never calling it anything else now.

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Storm coming in we won’t stop surf fishing

Surf anglers should have more room to surf fish on a nautical holiday weekend, for once. If the electricity shows up, get off the beach. It could be difficult to drive out on Saturday is our guess too. Assateague closed for over wash yesterday. I prefer to walk and fish stormy conditions.

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Nautical weather is great for surf fishing

Why go surf fishing in this horrible weather? These conditions are great for striped bass fishing. Use heavy spoons (metals), swim shads, or plugs. Casting into a east wind is a challenge. Hopkins work well in wind. You can throw bait but you need to hold that rod all the time and reset a lot. A sputnik will barely hold. Look for the larger cuts to cast, but the waves will be large. Watch the undertow and backwash. Fish will be moving, not sitting in cuts anyway.

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Fishing the heavy surf holding your rod all the time is the best way to not miss a fish.

Short striped bass will be in the surf wash hammering sand fleas. If the wash is really wide you will see the fish moving through the shallow water chasing food. You can cast lures for them or let some sand fleas roll around on a hook with a light weight, two ounces. A drag sinker works well for this or a bank sinker. Again hold onto your rod. You will be so close to this heavy wash that a sand spike will be pointless.

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2020 March .. Waves created by the storm surge of a Bomb Cyclone off the east coast March 6th to the 8th

If you can drive out on the beach this weekend, check the wrack line and park well above the high tide wrack line. The wind will push the tidal surge in faster and farther than the previous tide. We are also coming out of this full flower blood moon, lunar tides will also be an issue. Do not park below the wrack line or in the empty swale areas.

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Jeep stuck in the swale after water came in fast … Mark Giblin

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