Assateague Coastal Trust Seismic Testing Presentation

This is a video presentation narrated by Matt Heim of the Assateague Coastal Trust on the dangers of seismic testing.  The video will answer many of your questions why seismic testing is a bad idea for the Atlantic coast and a futile one when you realize just how little oil and gas are actually out there.  This is the presentation Matt Heim has done several times for different groups.  If you would like a live presentation you can contact him via the Assateague Coastal Trust.  I have seen this presentation several times and it is well worth the 25 minutes.  Please show this to anyone you know who has questions about seismic testing and its affects on marine life, fishing, and the coastal state’s economies.  This link is the page on the Assateague Coastal Trust’s website with bullet points and pertinent information.

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