November Is The Full Beaver Moon

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Cody on the north wall … photo by Tom Deptula
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Monday’s Moon over the fields of Sussex county or or in this case, my backyard.

Wednesday night the moon will be full at  5:44 pm on the East coast and at 2:44 PM on the West Coast.  The November full moon is known as the Full Beaver moon by Native American tribes. This is the time of year the swamps before the swamps froze over and the beavers were very active fixing their dens in the lodges.  Also it is when the tribes would trap beavers before the swamps and low lying waters would freeze.  Warm winter furs were a must back then, not like they had any Walmarts.  November’s full moon is also known as the  Hunter’s Moon, and Frosty Moon.  We had our first frost about three weeks ago before the November spring kicked in with a heavy Indian summer.  Due to the timing of the equinox we already had the Hunter’s Moon.  The full moon closest to the autumnal equinox (Sept. 25th this year) is known as the harvest moon, then is followed by the Hunter’s Moon (Oct. 27th this year).  Usually  the best striped bass fishing begins after the full moon in November.  We are hoping that holds true for this year.  Back in the day this occurred after the  October full moon.

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Mark Engler with a big striped bass out of Jersey today. About 40 miles north of Delaware
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striped bass, new jersey, rockfish, line sider, avalon lumps, sea islelumps
Mark and His Dad John Engler with a 31 pound striped bass, notice they are not that far form the beach.

The moon is rather bright tonight, many anglers are hoping this will increase the striped bass fishing.  So far mostly shorts are being caught from land and the surf here in Delaware.  Still a lot of fun when you get into them with some ultralight gear.  A few fish moved into the Delaware bay near the Overfalls over the weekend, and they are either from the northern migration or are recruiting to the migration from the Delaware Bay.  A few keepers popped up on the southern beaches below the Indian River Inlet.  New Jersey is still on fire up and down the coast.  New York and above has all but stopped catching.  The Sea Isle lumps are still hot and fish are getting closer and closer. Rumor has it there are a lot of fish in the EEZ.  That is one problem for us, when the fish move south they tend to stay near shore in Jersey, which is in a direct line with our EEZ area.  So by the time they are in front of Delaware they are too far out.  The fact the numbers are down means the fish don’t have to spread out to find food as much as they used to when the numbers were higher.  The water temperatures are plummeting thanks to the cold snap, today the lower Delaware Bay was fifty degrees, and the Inland Bays are averaging fifty two degrees.  Prime temperatures for striped bass, now we will have to wait and see if they come close to shore during this fall run.

Fish On!!

Rich King


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