Angler Medivaced Off Boat In Flounder Pounder

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Mike Trestka (holding flounder, Greg Plummer (center), Doug Motley

(AUGUST 2018) …. Captain Greg Plummer and the crew of the Sea You Next Tuesday (best boat name ever) went out yesterday for the first day of the 2018 Flounder Pounder.  They were on their way to _____ , sorry not giving that location after all this is a tournament.  I can tell you they didn’t see a single boat where they were and couldn’t believe there were 230 boats fishing.  I ran into the boys at the scales, they were the first ones there,  they had a fish with them, and one hell of a story.  I already knew Boots had to be medivaced off the boat, but to hear their story … well it doesn’t get much “realer” than that.

Greg Plummer  “The reports said waves were two to four feet, yeah right, maybe in the bay.  We were getting pushed around by upwards of eight footers.  It was rough is an understatement.  We got hit by a rogue wave and Boots went flying into the air and landed hard.  I heard him yell I just broke my back.  I dropped the throttle and we dead stopped in an angry bathtub of waves”

Mike Trestka  “For a split second, we were like, so how do you call the coast guard.  I just called my office (state police) and they patched us through to the Coast Guard dispatch in Philly.  From there Indian River Coast Guard Station went into action and came out and got Boots in the 47.”

TJ Handlin “Man those boys had a tough time getting Boots onto a back board and onto their boat.  We are bobbing around like two corks in an angry sea.  Boots is not a small guy. Those boys (Coast Guard) were on point!”

Doug Motley .. “Typical Boots, while he was laying there, all he was worried about was whether he will be able to fish the mid atlantic and still ride his harleys.  We were all worried about him.”

Greg Plummer .. “I had to keep the boat in line with the Coast Guard’s boat, the captain of the 47 kept me on it the whole time.  Those guys are amazing at their jobs.” 

Sooooo, I had to ask…  Did you guys fish while you waited for the Coast Guard?  They all laughed, no but we thought about getting boots to tie some rigs or something while we waited. 

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Stephan Talabisco showing love for our boy in Dewey Beach.
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Boots, your boys were bummed yesterday when they got to Paradise, they were worried about you, but we all had a good time making a few jokes.   Because, well, that’s what we do with our boys when we are worried about them.  Mad love for you brother, I am glad the Coast Guard could get out there and get you back to shore.  Also your selfie game was on point … Do you even selfie when strapped to a back board on a Coast Guard 47 Bro??  No I have not bro, I think you win this round this week for sure.  One thing you did miss is when the boat started taking on water.   You and the boys had one hell of a day at sea, glad you are doing better.  Greg Plummer … “After the Coast Guard left with Boots.  The boat wouldn’t go up on plane, I looked below and thought well that’s odd there is a lot of water down here. The live well for some reason was not draining correctly and was filling up the boat.  We got that straightened out, but had to shut her (live well) down, which killed all of our spot.  We still managed to catch this flounder to enter into the tournament”

Boots … “I was scared, all I could think of was, will I ever be able to ride my Harley’s again.  So here’s what happened. It was chopped up like soup. You couldn’t get a set of waves straight to save your life, they were all coming from different directions. Then we found a good running set rolling for us.  We were taking the waves at an angle, doing great, then this rogue wave comes from the Portside, maybe, all I saw, it was big and took all the leaves out from under us and we are floating in mid-air.  We come off the top and the boat popped out about 12 feet, you know, a dead stop “boom“.   You all know the sound, at that point I think the boat started coming back up while I was coming down, my butt hit the cooler and I heard cookies cracking. I turned around to the captain and yelled stop I broke my back. Captain Greg Plummer from Dewey Beach country club, did exactly that, he stopped the boat, we moved the cooler so I could lay on my back and then the calls to the Coast Guard started. All said and done the United States Coast Guard was outstanding. They got to us within 25 minutes after the calls, boarded the boat, got me in a neck brace, put me on the board and strapped me in. I’m not a small guy so it took six of them to get me from boat to boat, the transfer was a little sketchy.   I won’t lie I was scared to death, but I was also tied to a board without my arms moving, if I fell … I was done Ha ha ha. Obviously that didn’t happen.  The boys on the boat were awesome, always making sure I was doing OK tightening my straps, making sure I was comfortable.  They even gave me my phone so I could call my father and let him know what happened. We may have gotten a selfie, that’s on the down low ha ha. (not when you post it on Facebook bro)

Do you even selfie with the Coast Guard on a backboard bro?

When we got to the dock at Indian River Coast Guard Station, the Rehoboth firehouse ambulance was waiting, this time we had about eight guys get the board, walk me about 10 feet, put me on the ambulance gurney then I was loaded to the ambulance. The Coast Guard brought my dry bag over with all my property said good luck man I thanked them with all my heart. They did an amazing job. The boys in the Rehoboth firehouse ambulance, didn’t miss a beat got me to BB hospital unloaded into a doctor in no time flat and you know it’s August, how some of those “out of town or’s “ don’t move for our ambulance’s. All said and done I got there had three x-rays and headed to an MRI. As of now they say I have two Compression fractured lumbar. Once again I would like to give a big thank you to our United States Coast Guard and Our Rehoboth beach fire company paramedics oh and Captain Greg Plummer from Dewey Beach country club, without their skills I don’t know where I would be right now. Thank you, Rev. Robert Thomas DiGiacomo Jr” 

Big thanks to the United States Coast Guard Indian River Station and the Rehoboth Firehouse for getting our boy Boots.  Mad respect for you all, they all have one hell of a job and they did just that yesterday. Thank you.

The flounder the boys brought to the scales was 5.4 pounds and they stayed on the board for a while.  Good luck today boys catch one up for Boots

Fish On!

Rich King

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