All Species Fishing Tournament Starts Today

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all species fishing tournament, delaware, sussex county,
Ace of Clubs … first card for the All Species Fishing Tournament

The second annual All Species fishing Tournament starts today, this weeks card is the ace of clubs.  cards will be changed weekly on Sunday evenings.  We will announce the new card on the tournament page and Facebook.    Last year Frank Payton Sr.  was first, Kevin Baldwin took second place and Rafael Vazquez took third place.  It was a fun tournament to watch unfold throughout the year.  We only had forty one people enter the tournament last year.   You can sign up at any time and if you want to get started right away just use any playing card.  The new shirts and cards will be sent out at the beginning of next week.  If anyone wants a tournament shirt from last year let me know I still have a few of them left over.

Register here …. 

The tournament will start March 1st and last until November 30th.  This will give everyone a chance to participate and allow for migratory fish to be caught.  The rules are simple, you have to catch one fish on the list for the tournament.  This list will be the same as the Delaware Fish ID page, and include freshwater fish.  We will also include the weirder warm water fish we catch each year.  All fish have to be caught from land, on hook and line … this is a non boat tournament, so everyone can participate.  All of these fish can be and have been caught from land before.  You will be required to take a picture of your catch, with a time and date stamp.  Each of you will be given a deck of DSF playing cards, DSF will pick a weekly card that has to be included in that picture.  For example if it is the Jack of spades week, then the picture of the fish, whatever it may be, has to have the Jack of spades, with the time and date stamp on the picture.  There are apps for phones to add the time and date stamp to a phone picture.  All fish must be caught in Delaware waters.  Pictures will also be required to show the background, this way it can be proven the picture was taken in Delaware.  Ninety percent of all fishing areas are well known for back grounds and we will not divulge your fishing location when we post pictures by removing the background if you so choose.  Pictures are then to be emailed to DSF and confirmed, at which point we will enter them into the tournament.  We will have weekly updates on the website and Facebook page.  Online tournaments are not easy to do but with these 4 factors it should keep everyone honest, after all this is supposed to be fun.   There will be no exceptions to these rules, all ages are encouraged to participate.  There will not be a cut off period for entry, that is one nice thing about Delaware we have a huge variety of fish we can catch all three seasons.

Entry fee is $50 and include a special tournament T shirt and a deck of DSF playing cards. ( cost includes free shipping in the continental US)

Prizes will be … (based on 60 anglers joining the tournament, if there are less than that we will adjust the prize money accordingly)

$750 … First Prize…  DSF Hoodie, DSF T shirt

$500 .. Second Prize … DSF Hoodie

$250 … Third Prize … DSF T shirt

Registration is a 2 part process.  In order to register, fill out the information on the form and hit submit.  The page will refresh and then you have to fill in the submit payment form.

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These are the fish for the Delaware Surf Fishing all species tournament.
(There will be a form sent to you and an online format to update your catches with pictures)
First to fill this list automatically wins.
In the event of a tie we will have a contest to decide the winner.
Whoever fills in the list the most will win if no one can fill the entire list by the end of the tournament.
All fish must comply with current Delaware Creel limits if you are going to keep them.
Fish for pictures do not have to comply with creel limits in order to qualify for the tournament.
All fish are to be caught from land, no boats
All prizes are based on 60 anglers joining the tournament, if there are less than that we will adjust the prize money accordingly.
Bass …
Large Mouth
Small Mouth
Carp (any species, except ornamental pond koi, the fish has to be from a real pond. We don’t want people fishing from their back yard)

Panfish …
Crappie Bass
Pumpkin Seed
White Perch
Yellow Perch


Snakehead (to be removed from water if caught they are an invasive species)

Trout …
Brook trout
Brown trout
Golden trout
Rainbow trout


American Eel
American Hickory Shad
Atlantic Croaker

Black Drum
Black Sea Bass (Juvenile will qualify from land)
Blue Channel Catfish
Blue Runner
Burr fish
Butterfly Ray

Channel Catfish
Clear Nose Skate
Cownose Ray
Cunner fish
Cusk Eel

Summer Flounder
Windowpane ( do not keep these are Federally protected)
winter Flounder

Gray Triggerfish
Grouper .. any species will quality

Hog Choker


Lizard Fish

Needle Fish
Northern Puffer Fish

Oyster Cracker

Pin fish

Red drum
Rudder fish

Scup (sea Bream)
Sea Robin
Smooth Dogfish
Spade Fish
Spanish Mackerel
speckled Trout
Spiny Dogfish
Spotted Hake (Ling Cod)
Striped Bass


Weakfish (sea trout)

*** Some fish can be found in both fresh and saltwater and it is not required
that they come from the water on the list. Example .. you can catch fresh water fish
near the spillway at Cupola park and the spillway in Milton, DE

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