11th anniversary of 9/11 and Leaving Massey’s heading to Broadkill beach

Firefighters raising flag after 9/11

I wrote and posted this on our Facebook page this morning with this picture I found online.  I didn’t post it correctly, and everyone has been sharing it for what I wrote about 9/11, Jeff sorry if your page is going crazy, my bad.


…. Never forget that day. I know I never will. In all the bickering online over politics this year ….. Please, if just today, everyone would remember we live in the same country, have the same rights, and desire the same freedoms. We have lost many of those freedoms after that day. Freedoms we lost from rules, but mostly freedom we lost when we were attacked, from our own paranoia and fear. Our country lost a part of itself that day. However, we gained a much larger perspective, coming together as one nation. Let us not forget … remember that day, remember how you felt, remember how we came together …. remember? …. Today is not about you … Rich King



Pin Fish, Massey's Landing, Long Neck , DE
Pin fish at Massey’s Landing on peeler crab

I have been busy getting  organized, moving to Broadkill beach for a month, I apologize for lack of reports.  Moving can be busy, and I am house sitting, so I had to pack away a lot of things I will not need, probably never did need them.  Funny how you realize what you do, and don’t need, at times like these.  Before I left Long Neck, DE … I dropped by Massey’s Landing Saturday to say “see you soon, I am moving.”  There were a few anglers on the pier and the rail.  One gentlemen Al was killing fish on peeler crabs.  He caught sea bass, pin fish, striped bass, tautog, and a perch. This was in 25 minutes before the tide went slack at the bottom of the outgoing.  As soon as the tide slacked the bite turned off.  Later in the afternoon admin 1 was down there and hit an 18.5 inch flounder.  He was hit hard, fishing for croaker with fishbites, and to his surprise he reeled in a flounder, Bill Jr. was there for the assist on the landing.  The flounder was released, to the shock of every angler down there.  Sometimes we just like to watch people squirm, and it was only 18.5 inches.  Far from a doormat, and many of us are worried the limit next year will be pushed to 19 inches since the average this year was 21-22 inches.

Flounder, summer floundeer, fluke, Massey's Landing, Long Neck, De, Delaware, Indian river bay
Flounder caught at Massey’s Landing on fish bites by Chris Walker … photo by Bill Jr.

Paul Owens sent us a report form his adventures over the weekend ……

“Going to chat about the evening, overnight, and the morning into afternoon fishing 3R’s and the inlet.  I’ll tell you what……. The blues were ferocious a couple of hours into the incoming yesterday……… if you could reach them. There were hundreds of birds at the rip near the can and beyond. I was launching a 3/8 oz. white bucktail a very shortened white worm, like I was longlining with a 2 oz. weight. They would hit like locomotives . Half and 3/4 and ounce bucktails all worked also, but the smallest one with a very short worm was lethal. There were about 2 people on the rail, and only myself and one other guy were getting them on about 70% of our casts. everyone else was around 5%. Most were in the 4 and 5 lb. range when hooking up at a distance. If you go to the inlet today around 11:00 or so, and take a stick geared for distance with bucktails with worms like I just explained, you could be in for a great time if it isin’t too crowded with weekend warriors.
I only got 1 blue, and 1 king at the bottom of the outgoing down about 30 feet from the swimming beach. I expected to have a much better morning (GREAT! outsuck goin’ on where I set up) , but the fish were biting too well to leave the inlet when the sky was just starting to get a little bit of light to it, like I had planned. I made up for it though on my return trip to the inlet after the tide change, only it took a couple of hours for the catching to start.”   Thanks Paul, most appreciated.

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trout, weakfish, atlantic weakfish, weakie, broadkill beach, beach plum island
My trout form the surf on fishbites

I fished Broadkill beach on Sunday.  The private part of the beaches, not the public area, don’t rush down here.  The fishing here is the same as Beach Plum Island, which is on the opposite end of the neighborhood, make a right after the bridge.  I was using fish bites, my neighbor Bob was using squid, and a rig I made him with circle hooks.  We were both hooking up little croakers and spot.  The croakers were larger as the day progressed.  The spot were small, bait size to edible.  I gave my other neighbor a few for her dinner.  I was talking with some passers-by when my rod bounced again, with what looked like the obligatory double mini croaker hook up.  I started retrieving the line it, was very slack, once I was near the wash, the rod just bent.  To my surprise I had an actual fish, or a good sized double up on croaker.  I landed a 16 inch trout, on a spot rig, with fish bites.  First one I have caught that was a keeper, and decent sized.  Beautiful fish, unfortunately it sucked down the entire rig, and gut hooked itself.  I tried, there was nothing I could do, this is not an excuse, but I had to keep the fish, and immediately stopped fishing.  I was not going to take any chances hurting another one with an undersized rig.  Even just catching and releasing, can kill a trout.  Just after that, my neighbor Bob, hit a 2 plus pound croaker.  I had a good time fishing the Delaware Bay from the surf.  I will do a little more exploring of these areas, public only mind you.  If you do venture into these back bay neighborhoods, keep that in mind, these are neighborhoods, not little towns used to an influx of traffic, and people.  Be careful of children, people walking, bicyclists, and the residents in general, this is their home.

cunner, atlantic cunner, B buoy, out front, indian river inlet
Cunner or Bergall fish, a memeber of the wrasse family, and a relative of the Tautog often mistaken for one and thrown back. Basically they are a smaller species of tog.

Several days ago we were asked to ID a fish for Brian Wright.  He sent us a picture, and wanted to know about the redish fish on top of the flounder in his cooler.  I had no idea, and spent some time online looking at pictures.  It looked like a snapper combined with a Porgy.  Chris Fortner messaged me the other day and said the fish on your page is a Cunner.  “It is like a tog, but doesn’t get as big, and good eating.”  Thanks Chris.  We have been sent a lot of pictures recently, and keep them coming gang.  We will put them all on our Facebook page, we can not put them all up here, but we do try.  This fish was caught at B buoy, the boys were tying for flounder.  They were using cut bait (bluefish) and shiners.  Jason Snead was hitting pretty bluefish on the surf at 3r’s on Sunday. with mullet on mullet rigs.  Woodland Beach pier lit up this weekend for bluefish, and a monster ray caught on peeler crab.  I have to get up there, and check this area out soon. The fishing there has been decent according to several friends.  I spoke with a local bait shop owner today, and he was telling me about the fishing in the Delaware bay the past few months.  He is pleased there are more fish out there, and like the rest of us, would like to see more trout next year.  Throw them back, I still feel bad about the one I caught, I told him the whole story.  Even catching and releasing them, can kill, they are delicate, yet a fierce fighting fish.

The raffle tickets will be drawn on Thursday (sept. 13), we will announce the winners that evening on Facebook, and the DSF web site.  Winners will also be called immediately after the drawing, if they are not present at the time.  Thank you all for participating, and your patience.

Fish On!!

Rich King

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