Broadkill beach is having a clean up Saturday Sept 15. please come help.

sheepshead, Massey's Landing, Long Neck DE
Sheepshead caught at Massey’s Landing in Long Neck DE

I have been running back and forth between Long Neck and Broadkill Beach.  There is a beach cleanup at Broadkill Beach on Saturday the 15th of September, I will be there to help since, we fish that area, and coincidentally, it is my new backyard for a month.  I am going to spend some time off the beaten track, and check some places out I haven’t fished in a while.  Beach Plum Island can be fully explored, where you are allowed, there are restrictions.  I do want to fish the areas out front in a kayak.  Believe the Cuda is next on the list.  I was supposed to meet Kristen, John, and Chris at the inlet today.  Sorry, gang I had to bail on you.  The raffle will be held on Thursday the 13th of September, at Old Bay Restaurant.  I will post the details soon.  It has taken some time to get everything together, and I think that is a day people will be out and about.  Thank you all for participating, and we hope to do one again soon.  The Charles W. Cullen bridge had a lot of large construction vehicles around today, one southbound lane was closed, according to Pro Staffer Kristen.  Keep that in mind when traveling this weekend.  She fished the Indian River Inlet this morning … ” Had a chance to fish early this morning. Watched the water boil with activity just out of reach of my casts. Had a chance to chat with a few people. Blues and shad caught.   A good hour and half run.”  …  Also, to the powers that be … the turn off onto Broadkill road, approaching from the north, is too short a distance to slow down, with out getting pancaked.  Your driving down a grade, and gaining speed.  So by the time you have to start slowing down to turn,  the person behind is close enough to get in my vehicle.  It is killing brakes too, and just before that turn lane, the caution sign is in the way, just sayin.

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The point has a cool view when the fishing is slow, and Suzanne is torturing everyone with her pictures whom are stuck at home, including yours truly I have yet to get out there.
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Yesterday the point was good for bluefish, and some keeper flounder that were released, Kudos for that.  The inlet was hot for bluefish on the tides.  Croaker are all over the place. Apparently the IGFA record for croaker was broken in Virginia on August, 17 2012 … 28 inches, 8 pounds 11 ounces, WOW!  Their current state record is 5 pounds 13 ounces.  Both large fish by our standards here, when it comes to croaker.  Delaware’s record is 5 pounds 3.5 ounces on 9/12/80.  That was a while ago, and I would love to catch one that big.  Would make a good fishing tournament, croakers and kingfish.  That record is 4 pounds for Delaware, 10/13/73, I was 5 years old.  Don’t break out the bats, and hit for the fence yet boys.  Catching bigger than a citation these days is rare but that is slowly changing.  We have seen a few citation kingfish this summer, and they are still out there.  A sheepshead was caught yesterday at Massey’s Landing, about 13 inches, and released, as was a shorty striper.  We asked a friend to help us with the amber jack, we have 2 camps, and mine was corrected on the ID of this fish, it is actually a Blue Runner.  Associate professor Dewayne Fox of DSU and colleagues ID’d this fish for us … “Sorry but you are going to have to update your website. I looked at the image and then contacted a colleague of mine (Eric Hilton- Virginia Institute of Marine Sciences). Eric got right back to me with an ID. What you have here is a fine specimen of Caranx crysos (the blue runner). Eric said that Seriola (genus of amberjacks) doesn’t have scutes. C. crysos has a small mouth, and the dorsal and anal fins are near mirror images.”   Thank you Dewayne and Eric, most appreciated.  We aren’t always 100% identifying a fish, but it is nice to know whom to ask.

Fish On!!

Rich King

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