Young vs Old Going For the Glory!

punkin chunkin 2015, delaware, sussex county
Young vs. Old for the World record.

Even though the annual World Punkin Chunkin event was cancelled, the competition is still underway and is heating up.  As we reported yesterday about a Cinderella Story in the making.  The possibility of Young Glory dethroning the current World Champ, American Chunker, now the captain of Old Glory is stepping up to the challenge.  “Don’t count Old Glory out just yet, she still has a couple good chunks left in her.” said Frank Payton Jr.

Frank was one of the original founders of Team “Old Glory” in the late 90’s. The dual tanks on the machine were one of the original tanks from Bob Willey’s delivery trucks back when they first started their company. Frank acquired the tanks and now they are the basis for this unique cannon’s design. While still an active member of “Old Glory” he participated in their Championship wins in 2000, 2001 and 2004. With the passing of Legend,  Joe “Wolfman” Thomas, in 2013, Frank took back over the machine in hopes to keep Old Glory a part of the chunkin community.  “With little time to implement some enhancements, 2013 was not our year”, Frank commented.

farm fling, punkin chunkin, delaware, sussex county
Jake Burton consulting with Frank Payton Jr. two team captains going for the record this Sunday
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Young & Old Glory want the same thing. Both machine captains would love to be able to bring the trophy back to Sussex County, Delaware.  It left with American Chunker in 2013 to New Hampshire and hasn’t been back since.  When asked why he thinks he has a competitive advantage over Young Glory III, “There are certain secrets that you have to save for special occasions just like this”, Frank shared.  Looks like Sunday just got a little more exciting!  You can follow the progress of this challenge at Farm Fling’s Facebook page this weekend.  On Sunday, punkins will always fly in Sussex County skies.

Chunk On!!

Rich King

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