You Never Know What You Will See While Surf Fishing


jet surf, motorized surf board, cape henlopen state park, rehoboth beach,
Guy on a motorized board off the beach in Cape Henlopen State Park

When the fishing is slow you tend to find other things to do at the beach.  Fortunately there is always something going on to entertain you while you are in bait and wait mode.  Boats, planes, stuck vehicles, helicopters, and sometimes you see this …

Sunday we were looking towards Rehoboth beach, it was windy.  We looked at this figure on the water and he was really moving.  “That looks like a kite board, but where is the kite?”  Then he heads towards the beach rather quick and we think maybe it is a winch for pulling people into waves, until he turned around and went back out as fast as he came in.  “That is not a winch, and if that is a kite board his sail in invisible.”  Then he headed in our direction.


jet surf, motorized surf board, delaware, sussex county,
Getting closer, we can see there is definitely not a kite or sail for power.

At this point we realize it is not a kite boarder, it is definitely under power, he was passing near kayaks and waving.  By now he is close enough you can see he is on a board, but no sail or kite for power.  He is moving at a good clip, is this one of those new motorized surf boards?

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The board looked like a modified wake board with boots for your feet.  He was holding a throttle control for his motor, which was spitting up a small geyser next to him.  Like a jet ski does when the engine is pushing water, just on a much smaller scale.  After a quick Google search, I found out it is called a Jet Surf, a motorized surf board.

I’m sure this takes some great balance, but this guy was riding that board like a champ.  You could see registration numbers on the side of the board, so apparently they have to be registered as motorized watercraft.  This one is from New York.   Despite a no go for fish that day for pretty much everyone.  We had an entertaining day at the beach.  This was one of a few things we got to see this weekend, anybody see the big  plane that flew up the beach?.

Fish On!

Rich King



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