You Can Help Clean Up A Beach Without Even Going To One


Beach Clean up volunteers on July 3rd 2018

We had 24 people come to the beach clean up today.  That is one of the bigger turnouts we have had this past year.  I want to thank everyone for coming out today despite the heat, and kudos to all the kids that came.  A great way to teach stewardship is through a beach clean up.  They can learn about all kinds of issues with trash just by picking it up on the beach, and in your own areas.

I called it at the walk on beach.  It was way too hot to walk in that hot sand any longer.  I was impressed we made it that far, it was brutal on the hotter upper parts of the beach.


reduce sigle use plastic, recycle delaware, sussex county
Great suggestions on reducing using single use plastics.

This picture popped up on Facebook today and it got me thinking about how people who want to help at the clean ups but can’t make the day or time.  There is a real simple way to help ay clean up effort.  Start by reducing your single plastic use and help shrink your trash print.  Many of our local restaurants have gotten on the paper straw wagon,and that is a great start.

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Single use plastic should be taxed like fishing gear, I will explain that soon enough.

Thanks again for coming out and we will see you next week (every Tuesday).  This is the beach clean up schedule.

Fish On!

Rich King

Beach Clean up volunteers on July 3rd 2018 walking the beach.

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