Where You Need To Look From the Delaware Beaches To See A Rocket Launch From Wallops Island

This is the direction you need to look to see a launch from NASA Wallops Flight Facility

Looking for a rocket launch from NASA’s Wallops Flight facility can be confusing when you look at the trajectory maps. Several years ago we had a rocket photo contest. One of the best shots shows exactly where the rockets lift off in the view-scape, especially for the Delaware beaches.

The rocket trail in the picture is a Minotaur launch in 2013, shot by Brian Wood. The type of rocket or trajectory in this case doesn’t matter. If you look at the bottom of the picture you can see a blue glow on the left. That is the Charles W Cullen Bridge. The picture was shot from Cape Henlopen State Park at Herring point beach. You will notice you need to look behind the Bridge area. That is where Wallops Flight Facility is located.

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Brian Wood’s shot from CHSP … Minotaur V rocket launch last night shot from Cape Henlopen 9/6/2013

If you are looking out towards the ocean you will see the rocket at some point. You just won’t see the rocket lift off from the launch area. The maps NASA puts out are very accurate for the trajectories, but this picture really shows you where the rockets originate. Trajectories are different for each type of rocket, but the point of origin is always the same.
Antares is Scheduled to launch Thursday at 4:06 PM, that is the earliest they can launch. There is a two week window from this past Sunday to launch the Antares. See you at the pad!
Some good places to view the launches from Delaware. Any of the beaches, look towards and behind the bridge. Standing on the southside of the Indian River Inlet bridge, look towards Millville. Inland bays like Pot Nets look across the bay towards Holts Landing.

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Antares launch and flight trajectory

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