Whales Off The Beaches of Bethany and Delaware Seashore State Park


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Whale breaching off Bethany Beach today … photo by Jerry Dillon

A couple of whales were breaching along the beaches this afternoon entertaining many people. Some for the first time.  “I have been living here for 40 plus years and have never seen a whale off the beach.  There is a first time for everything.  I love where I live … Jerry Dillon”.
“Just sitting out here on Conquest Beach surf fishing, and watching the whales go by … eating all the fish I’m not catching”

I have no idea what kind of whale(s), but they are feeding on bunker, bluefish, or some type of bait school(s) right off the coast in front of the beaches.  There have been multiple sightings today it could be the same whale or a couple of them.

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I am going with a couple of them since friends on the beach have seen them at the same time in different areas.  Which means you should find some fish out there around the whales and in their wake.  After all they aren’t here for a last beach day vacation, they are feeding on nearby schools of fish.

Have fun whale watching, for the rest of the summer, this will happen on occasion this time of year.  Right off the beaches.

Fish on!

Rich King




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