Whale Washes Up On Bethany Beach

Welcome to rough seas and heavy surf. When that happens we see all kinds of things wash up onto the beaches. Like this “Big, decaying blob of sea creature ” … Steve Di Giorlamo … who also took these pictures this morning while checking surf conditions. Earlier a turtle was found washed up on Cape Henlopen at Herring Point beach. Rough seas and these conditions tend to wash all kinds of things onto our beaches.

Whale carcass washed up on Bethany Beach to be scooped up by the Town … photo by Steve Di Girolamo
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Surfers and anglers are usually the people to find these creatures first. We tend to be out before the crack of dawn checking conditions for the day, or looking for a spot to fish or surf. Looks like the town of Bethany will be burying this soon. I would not want to be down wind of this puppy, it looks like it has decayed a great deal.

Fish On!
Rich King

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