Heads Up Fenwick And South

Dolphin in surf in Bethany … John T Reilly

Johnny Warncke is on the Bethany side of the Fenwick Drive on beach and this just drifted past in the surf. If you see it we have contacted MERR. More than likely this will continue to drift along the beaches. Just be alert if you have lines in the water this will jam you up fast.

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Dolphin washing up along the beaches of Fenwick Island State Park … Johnny Warncke

Do not touch this, assuming dolphin/porpoise, they carry bacteria etc that can transfer to humans. If you see this get beached and stay contact MERR with a location. At this rate it will be in Ocean City in a couple of hours.
The surf is rough today and has pushed a lot of dead sea life up onto the beaches. You all usually come down here to calm serene waters, not this weekend.

Fish On!
Rich King

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