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Dog poop bags hung on the fence by owners of said dogs. This is getting old to see, and is increasing especially on the weekends.

Holy Cow! Tomorrow is JUNE! Slow down summer!
West winds and flies, that has been the story this week. It hasn’t been too bad most days but the last two days on a scale of one to ten was a solid twelve. Flies would chase people off the beaches in minutes. That is a lot of biting marsh flies, but so it goes when there is a west wind or no wind. At least it will cool off this weekend and we will be out of the heat wave we are having right now. Inland temperatures are brutal. Not used to the scalding summer days to come.

Drum … Barney caught this in the surf last week. They have to run the beaches to get to the bay.

The fish are biting too and more random than the flies. There has been some bluefish action on the beaches, The big gators to the smaller four pound snappers. The blues are around the inland bays making it difficult for flounder anglers to fish. The blues are tearing up the flounder rigs, at least some are being caught. They are also being caught in the Broadkill River and Canary creek area. The Cape Henlopen Fishing pier is seeing random bluefish action at random times.

Short striped bass in the surf

Flounder fishing is getting better when you can avoid the bluefish. The Lewes canal is still one of the better spots. You can fish the canal, Roosevelt inlet, Broadkill River and Canary creek all in one area and find flounder. Not sure how far up the Broadkill river you can find flounder, the constant rain is moving the salt line around. Pink Gulp, minnows, or silversides have been the baits of choice.
Inland bay flounder action has been okay around the island and sand bars. Fish the darker water that has rips for better action. Flounder don’t like bright sandy bottoms they like the darker muddy bottom. When you are drifting for flounder make sure your drift is slow, it doesn’t take much movement to get a flounders attention. If you are moving too fast they won’t even bother chasing the bait, they don’t have to wait long.

sea robin, kingfish, whiting, surf fishing, delaware, sussex county,
Kingfish and sea robin caught by Scott Jost in the surf

Black sea bass continues to be good for the boats and charters. Some bluefish out there in the mix. Haven’t seen anything like the last couple of years but the season is just getting started.

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Striped bass action has slowed down for the migratory bass. There are some still caught here and there but the action has subsided. Lot of short bass action around if you look around the inland bays and in the surf. They are hitting sand fleas in the surf. Bucktails and small swim shads around the inland bays. Bloodworms work.

beach litter, glass bottles on beach, glass off our beaches, carry in carry out, delaware state parks, delaware seashore state park,
Broken Corona bottle on Tower beach

Pick up your trash. One of our beach clean up volunteers found a large collection of glass bottles left at the beach at Tower road in Delaware Seashore State Park. That is the walk on beach that is closed at night. My guess is someone walked down that way from Dewey for a night of beach drinking on a secluded closed beach. That is a lot of glass to step on had all of these broken. We don’t usually have these problems on the drive on beaches, most people carry out what they carried into the park.

sea robin

Surf fishing has been producing short bass, bluefish, kingfish, sand perch, burr fish, northern puffers, and sea robins. Those robins make good table fare but also are good flounder bait. Fishbites has been the easiest bait to use and is the go to for this time of year, less cost, less mess, and still catches the fishes.
Skates, dogfish, and big rays are a given. Sharks are here now and they are hitting baits. That action will pick up as the waters get warmer. If you want to avoid the sharks etc, use Fishbites and less cut bait.

Drum action in the surf has died off a lot but some are still being caught. The boats are getting all the action on the coral beds or drum grounds off Slaughter beach area. Clams for the win for bait.

Weakfish action is picking up and we are seeing some nice fish hit the cleaning tables. I’d rather see them let go but I also miss eating weakies. The incoming tide is when you will find the weakfish they are all along the Delaware Bay beaches and the lighthouse. Now to start hanging lights over the boat and see about attracting weakies.

Masseys Ditch temperature this week

The inland bays are bouncing back and forth between seventy-eighth and sixty-eight degrees between tides. Good fishing temperatures and great for crabbing or clamming. The surf has been cooler at the mid to high sixties, as well as offshore for the surface temperatures.

Have a safe and productive weekend, the weather is looking good with cooler nights and days. The second DSF’s Summer Surf Fishing Slam Series is this Saturday! This is free to fish and you can win some cool sponsor prizes and gift cards.

Fish On!
Rich King

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