Clean Up Your Dog Poop People Or Parks Is Going To Ban Pets

Dog poop bags hung on the fence by owners of said dogs. This is getting old to see, and is increasing especially on the weekends.

I doubt parks will ban pets before you panic, but that would be the easiest solution to this on going and escalating problem. I am trying to make a point because … I can’t even say this nicely anymore.
We are seeing more and more bags of dog poop left hanging on dune fences in parking lots, near sign posts, stuffed in holes of sign posts, left in port o johns, thrown in the dunes, left in the parking lots, left on the beaches, hung on the dune fences on the paths etc etc. This crap has got to stop. Nothing like turning the corner on a trail and being greeted with a festering bag of dog shit. I hear people say “Oh you just hang it on the fence and then someone will come get it.”
Well no kidding someone will get it, you can’t have festering bags of dog poop hanging on fences in your parks. It is a health issue as well as an eyesore.

Why is this an issue? Other pets can be exposed to diseases as well as local wildlife.
You picked up the poop to dispose of it, then left it behind, seems like a half ass attempt. Follow through and take that home with you, where it came from, or put it back in the dog.

Dog poop bags left in the parking lot at Herring Point and run over.
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The easiest way for parks to fix this situation is ban pets from state parks. No one, including myself, wants to see that happen, my dog loves the beach, but I pick up after him.
If you aren’t going to pick up your dog’s waste you don’t need to bring it to the park. The hard way to resolve this is put in trash collection areas, or cans and hope that these lazy people will use them. They probably won’t.,

How do you forget these bright blue dog poop bags? These bags are full. like the size of bowling balls full of dog poop. I mean did they bring 20 dogs or a horse?

People will leave the dog poop bag next to their car tire, then when they leave, drive right over it. Parks is wasting hours a day in pay for employees to collect said bags and other trash instead of doing what they were hired to do, mowing grass, combing beaches, maintaining trails etc.
Groundskeepers shouldn’t include picking up after people. They are there to maintain the park, not pick up after people for a few hours every single day. I wonder if the amount spent in wages would cover some trash services?
Parks needs to look into trash services in key areas of the parks. We are just overloaded with people and it is getting out of hand. I am sure everyone by now saw the mess left behind in Virginia beach. The bathrooms in the parks on the weekends get stacked up with trash piled in corners. It is ridiculous that some concessions sell people items and then they have to take the trash home with them. Just some food for thought, pick up your dog’s poop and take it home please.

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