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striped bass, rockfish, delaware, sussex county, rockfish, indian river inlet
Mike Duncan of Helly Hansen with a keeper striped bass he released today.

If you haven’t seen the weather though it is going to be windy, Saturday is going to be a nice day in the seventies, and Sunday is looking pretty good too.  There is a slight chance of rain Sunday but it should still be a good day and the overcast skies will be perfect for striped bass fishing.  Which by the way has been good in many areas.  Including the beaches today, and we were catching under a bright sun on the outgoing tide.

Dawn Patrol
Dawn Patrol

The night shift last night was decent at the Indian River inlet for short striped bass up to twenty-seven inches.  We arrived at the inlet this morning at predawn and fished the beaches walking from cut to cut.  The tide was about to go slack at six fifteen.  We had enough Helly Hansen gear to start our own store, good thing we get that discount with the DSF membership card.  Once the water slowed down we headed south to Fenwick Island.


fenwick island state park, delaware,sussex county, restricted beach access, surf fishing, striped bass, rock fish, swimshads,bunker chunks
Getting set up at Fenwick Island State Park

The beaches at Fenwick Island are looking great for fishing, there is a lot of structure in the surf. We even managed to get several bumps while casting, plugs, swim shads (white), spoons, and bucktails.  No one used bait, we fished all lures today doing a lot of surf casting.  I got to use the new DSF signature series custom surf rod, which I will tell you about in the next article, that was a dream to cast.

delaware, fenwick island state park, susssex county
Fenwick Island this morning at the beginning of the outgoing tide

We fished there for a couple of hours, and then worked our way back to the north beaches.  We wanted to fish the inlet on the bottom of the outgoing tide.

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striped bass, delaware, sussex county,
Fenwick Island bass today

This has been a long day fishing, but oh so worth the running around, everyone’s arms are like Jello right now.  White swim shads and soft plastics were the ticket today.  Mike Duncan even landed a nice keeper around thirty inches that was released.  We caught a bunch of short bass one after another for a couple of hours.  Despite the water temperature in the surf at thirty-nine degrees this morning, the striped bass were hitting pretty hard.


rockfish, striped bass, delmarva, chesapeake bay tributary,
Evan’s 50 to 60 pound striped bass caught in a Delmarva tributary about a week ago.

The Chesapeake bay tributaries are seeing decent action for large spawning bass.  Some of these fish are topping sixty pounds.  The Nanticoke is still seeing some decent action for shorts and occasional keepers.

helly hansen, delaware, sussex county, fenwick island
Mike Duncan with a short from the surf.

The white perch action is on fire again and anglers are filling the coolers.  Catfish are readily hitting bunker chunks and perch chunks.   Dan’s Tackle box has a lot of fresh bunker ready for the weekend, call ahead for availability.  The inland bays are hitting close to forty-eight degrees and steadily rising.  We will probably see water temperatures in the low fifties tomorrow.  The surf as I said was pretty cold this morning, but fish were still hitting.  Good luck this weekend and stay safe!

Fish On!

Rich King

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Bunkah at Dan’s Tackle Box




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