Wear Your Personal Flotation Devices


pfds save lives, wear your life jacket, blow up dolls make great rafts
New PFD concept ,we are looking for product testers.

Yes I used that picture to get your attention.  He has the right idea just not the most politically correct flotation device for a family beach atmosphere.  Flotation devices save lives, use them at all times.  Especially if you are not familiar with the area waters.
There have been a few accidents and deaths around the country recently, from people not wearing PFD’s while kayaking or using SUP’s.  Please make sure to have your personal flotation device at all times.  I see a lot of people at the beach not wearing these, either they are kayaking out baits or just having fun with their craft.  When you are on the coast it very important to have on a PFD.  Off shore winds can push you away from the beach very fast.  Two years ago some kids were blown offshore and wound up over a mile and a half away when they finally made it back to shore. The coast guard was called to look for them, but by then they were dragging their boards back to Dewey Beach.  Recently some folks in Long Island area were blown out to sea and never found.  If you get caught up in an offshore wind, lay down on your SUP and paddle back to shore.

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We have strong currents along the coast and in the waterways, especially when the tides are moving.  Even slack tide at Masseys ditch has a bit of a current, that water never stops moving.  The wind just adds to that factor.   Make sure you plan any trip accordingly for tide shifts and possible wind shifts.  Know the area you are in and respect it.  Many  people come here and don’t realize just how powerful water can be and wind up having a really bad day.  Wear your PFD’s at all times.

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