Water, Water Everywhere


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When Deldot says roads are closed heed the signs. This guy did not and it was not a good for the car.

Well if you haven’t heard or seen by now, we are having a little weather. Route 1 is closed from Dewey to Bethany beach due to high tide and rain run off covering the road.  Hopefully it opens abck up soon and stays open, but I would expect it to close again tonight like last night.  Route 24 is backed for days due to the detour.  Some area roads are still closed due to water draining from areas of higher elevation.  For a flat state we sure do have some water collecting in a lot of places.  Every once in a while the water runs across the road and you just have to be ready for it.  People are just now getting to boats that sunk in their slips from failed pumps or dead batteries.  The low lying communities have been flooding from run off and the tide.  This has been the worst flooding this year for most folks.  Inland there are areas draining into overburdened tax ditches and creeks that are just flowing across roads.

Huge thanks to the first responders, linemen, and Deldot crews.  These folks have been busy all night long.  Some of the fire crews are actually trying to pump water out of flooded areas for businesses.  I have seen a lot of new waterfront property even in western Sussex county.  No one called or expected this storm to hit like this, twelve inches of rain in some areas in twenty four hours or less.  Just another reason that no matter the forecast it is always best to be prepared for the worst.  You can’t prepare once it happens you can only prepare before it happens.


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Kingfish caught at the Cape Henlopen Pier today by Craig Dankewich … photo from Lighthouse view bait and tackle.

As far as fishing, hopefully parks will open drive on access in a couple of days.  All areas will have to be evaluated by DNREC and the towns will get the first priority.  They always do it that way, so have patience.  The beaches are taking a pummeling and a lot of sand is gone right now.  Beach combing will be epic the next couple of days.  The inlet fishing and masseys landing would be a good place to start.  Dave Beebe says they are catching kingfish, croakers, small black drum, and skates at the Cape Henlopen fishing pier right now.  Tow boat is out and about on the water, looking for boats that came off their lifts or broke their moorings.  It is going to be messy the next couple of days.  I would expect the tide to flood the back bay areas again tonight and tomorrow during high tide.  The water draining off is going to take a while.  The beaches will flood through the next three high tides most likely.  Oh and there is a possibility of hurricane Mathew coming through next week, that will be an issue even if it doesn’t come close.   We will discuss that in a day or two.

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