Watch Tow Boat Salvage A Boat On The Beach In CHSP Today

Captain Clarke Droney just called and asked us where this boat was exactly on the beach in Cape Henlopen State Park. They need to bring in a trailer with gear for the salvage job. How they will do this is to be determined. Most likely they will pull it off the beach and may need to wait until high tide. Stay tuned. Apparently there was some engine trouble and then the east wind pushed them onto the beach.

If you haven’t seen Tow Boat US Indian River salvage a boat off a beach it is interesting to watch. When they pulled the sailboat Maritime off the beach at Naval Crossing not long ago, that was wild to watch. They will either pull this boat off the sand at high tide, or use a crane and trailer it off the beach. Both are quite the show. This is beyond the unlimited tow special Tow Boat US offers, at this point this is a salvage job“, said Captain Clarke Droney of Tow Boat US Indian River.

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Rich King

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Boat that is beached in Cape Henlopen State Park

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