The Damn Fly Meter There’s An App For That

How Bad Are The Flies At The Beach Today, What Is The DFM?

Probably the most popular or asked question on every locals page coast wide. How bad are the flies at the beach today? Those gnarly biting black marsh flies. We all know a west wind is the worst for conditions and the DFM will be a 10. DFM, if you aren’t in the know is Damn Fly Meter.

We were asked what is the DFM so many times in messenger this summer (500 times a weekend), that we decided there needs to be an app for that.
Over the summer Ashley Ridout at SEALEG wrote the app, we tested it for a bit. Today we are launching the beta version for testing. One condition we are working on is temperature, the very hot hundred degree days are worse than the eighty degree days.

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Select the state and then the beach
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Currently the Damn Fly Meter is a striped down version right now, but easy to use. Just select your state, New Jersey to North Carolina. Then select the beach areas listed. Once you choose, the DFM will pop up with the number 0 to 10. A DFM of 10 is the worst, and obviously a 0 is the least. We have a few tweaks to make for specific beach areas. For instance if you are at the point in Cape Henlopen State Park bayside, select Lewes.

DFM 0 to 4 … none to very little flies not annoying at all
DFM 4 to 6 small amount of flies. Stay away from objects that block wind. They will start to reside in your vehicle, close the windows.
DFM 6 to 8 The flies are numerous and will be very annoying
DFM 8 to 10 … The flies are horrible, stay home or stand in the water to avoid being bit.

We hope this helps everyone knowing the DFM ahead of time. The app uses up to date data, but you have to refresh the page to check again. It does not change as you leave the page open, that is being worked on as well. Since we are beta testing the Damn Fly Meter we would appreciate any and all feedback. It is always good to know ahead of time if you will need a gallon of bug juice or a flame thrower to deal with the flies.

Fish On!
Rich King

damn fly meter, dfm, how bad are the flies at the beach, delaware, new jersey, maryland, virginia, north carolina
Once you select the state and beach the current DFM will be displayed.

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