Watch The Space X Dragon Crew Chase The ISS Tonight

The Space X Dragon Crew and International Space Station Will be Visible in the Northeast tonight

Tonight a little after 9:45 PM we should be able to see the Space X Dragon Crew cross the sky in the northeast, over Connecticut. It will be four minutes behind the International Space Station and nearly the same trajectory. Hopefully we can catch that view later tonight down here in Delaware. Watching the Space X Dragon Crew take off today was exciting, and historical. The USA is back into the manned space flights.

Keep checking the trajectory and times they will change a little as the crew adjusts flight of the Dragon that has been renamed “Endeavor”
You can track the Dragon craft at Crew Dragon. The international Space Station has few tracker apps enthusiasts use. I like the “ISS Tracker” and “Spot The Station” on the app stores. These websites are little slow at the moment they are getting a metric ton of traffic.

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