DSF’s Summer Surf Fishing Slam Series 2020 Starts …

This is short notice but we are starting up the DSF’s Summer Surf Fishing Slam Series … June 1st, it is free to enter.

DSF’s Summer Surf Fishing Slam Series 2020 will be a little different than last year. We are adding days, making it weekly, adding the family group prizes, and we can’t have an awards meet, yet. I hope by the Grand Finale in October we will be able to gather and have big celebration. That will be on Oct 3rd, 2020, during the War On The Shore Surf Fishing Tournament Awards Ceremony. Location to be announced.

Anglers will need the following for DSF’s Summer Surf Fishing Slam Series 2020 …

A deck of Playing cards
Smart Phone
Fishing License
Delaware State Fishing Ruler for 2020
Tape measure for the larger fish
A positive attitude so you can have a fun day surf fishing because that is what it is all about. The whole family can be involved and is encouraged.

DSF’s Summer Surf Fishing Slam Series 6 Card 2019

Anglers compete for small prizes, and mostly bragging rights for DSF’s Summer Surf Fishing Slam Series. The new rules are simple, this tournament is FREE to surf fish.

Surf fishing must occur on a Delaware beach, walk on or drive on, doesn’t matter. (It is possible Assateague will be added to the playing field). This includes Delaware Bay beaches along the Delaware Bay and River. As far up as Old New Castle, at Battery Park.

Anglers can use any gear (rigs), bait, number of rods, whatever. I could say only two fishing rods per angler, but I am not going to be there to regulate that so knock yourselves out. The most rods don’t always catch the most fish.
Fish must be caught on hook and line.

Reporting your catch is simple …
Email your catches to
admin@delaware-surf-fishing.com. We are working on a forum style page on the website for surf anglers to upload their catches. For now just email the pictures.
Scoring fish is easy. Measure the fish and take a picture. The picture must be time and date stamped, no exceptions. The Delaware State fish ruler in the picture. Also the playing card for the corresponding day must be displayed in the picture. Acton figures don’t add extra points, but we do like the creative shots. If you have to use a measuring tape that is fine, just make sure the state ruler is still in picture.

You can fish any day Monday to Saturday, 7 PM to 7 PM, once again this is the honor system and also why your pictures are time and date stamped.
Picking the day to fish is easy, catch a scoring fish, take the pictures and send them in, you’re entered for that day. You can only fish the one day, there will be a different playing card each day. That will be announced on the website every morning at 6 AM, and shared on our social media platforms.

June 1st to October 3rd is the fishing season for DSF’s Summer Surf Fishing Slam Series

That is about it for rules, the main thing is to fish and have fun. Get the family involved and compete with each other.

Michelle Trotter’s 11 inch kingfish and special mention for creative use of an action figure.
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DSF’s Summer Surf Fishing Slam Series
Fish List and sizes
Lines in at 7 AM and out at 7 PM
Have your state ruler, playing card, date and time in the picture.
Action figures are optional and encouraged.
Send your pictures to the DSF Facebook page or email them to admin@delaware-surf-fishinng.com

​Bluefish … 14 inches

Cobia … 16 inches … Delaware hasn’t set a limit so why not 16

Croaker … 8 inches

Weakfish … 13 inches

Sand Perch … 7 inches

Black Drum … 16 inches

Flounder … 16.5 inches

Speckled Trout … 12 inches

Northern Pufferfish … 8 inches

Kingfish … 11 inches

False Albacore … 14 inches

Pompano … 7 inches

Burrfish … 7 inches 

White Perch … 7 inches

Shad … 8 inches 

Spanish Mackerel … 14 inches

​Spot … 7 inches

Striped Bass have to be in the slot 28 to 37 inches, nothing over or under can be scored ***

Red Drum 20 to 27 inches can be scored. ***

***You cannot keep or score a fish out of the slot. Doing so would be illegal possession of a fish in the state of Delaware and you could be fined by DNREC.

Prizes for the DSF’s Summer Surf Fishing Slam Series 2020

We will have 10 weekly prize places for individual anglers.
DS Custom Tackle Rigs, Fishbites, Summer Slam T shirts, and other apparel will be the prizes. The main thing is to have fun and get the bragging rights. But free stuff is cool too. We have a ton of fishbites to give away.

Family Prize …
The family that surf fishes together could score big together. All families will have a little side tournament. Your scores will be added together as a family to compete with the other families. Each family member fishes separately for points for the main tourney, but can score as a group for a little “side action” That prize will be announced soon.

The Grand Finale will be a large prize for the main winner. All of our competing anglers points are kept tallied, weekly. At the end of the tournament the angler with the most cumulative points will win a prize package to be announced soon.

Good luck and have fun!!

Fish On!
Rich King

DS Custom Tackle
DS Custom Tackle
Fishbites DSF’s newest tournament and event sponsor

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