Watch The Baby Ospreys Live

There are all kinds of web cams around, but one of my favorites is to check in on the baby osprey on the Friends of Cape Henlopen Osprey cam. The eggs recently hatched and you can watch the parents feed the kids all day. It is a never ending process.

Friends of Cape Henlopen Osprey can view of the mama osprey sitting on the eggs a few weeks ago.
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Eventually the little ones will leave the nest learn to fish on their own and start migrating south.

Osprey are the best fish finders in nature and you need to keep an eye on them when you are surf fishing. They can show you where the fish are in the water column, If the birds are up high, the fish are deeper and farther out. If the birds are low, the fish are shallow and in closer. If the birds fly a mile offshore, pack up, go home, and buy a boat.

Fish On!
Rich King

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