PETA Is Trolling Fishermen Again And Now It Is Personal?

PETA is constantly pushing that fishing is bad for fish, and they have amped up their ad campaigns. That it is barbaric for us to catch fish, and eat them. So their latest ad campaign seems to be going after more than our “fishing”. Now they want to involve my “rod”. I mean am I really supposed to get upset over this? I have a 12 foot rod! Good luck PETA.

One of their ad campaigns has a karma theme with a picture of a great white shark with a human leg in its mouth. “what comes around goes around” is the ads title. Honestly that is kind of hilarious, sharks don’t fish for people.

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PETA anti fishing ad

I’m just waiting to see how the internet responds, like when PETA went after Maryland Blue crabs last year. That was hilarious. We will see how this new campaign plays out. People Eat Tasty Animals is a standard response.

Fish On!
Rich King

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